your support squad

Just a couple more squats. Just one more mile. You got this! And a sports bra you can rely on will help you get there.

Meijer Style Sports Bras Summer 2015

go play outside, honey

Meijer Style Mens Outdoors

Let’s be honest. A man cannot survive on sports, video games and action movies alone (even though he may try).  After a while, there comes a time when we want our fella to show us how he earned those merit badges so many years ago and reconnect with the great outdoors.

If he needs some convincing, hook your hubby up with some new outdoor gear. He’ll get giddy at the thought of acting out his own Lewis and Clark adventure with his buddies, and you finally get a chance to catch up on all your guilty pleasure TV shows.

To give your man everything he needs for an all-terrain excursion, start out simple. Pants with a series of cargo pockets are perfect for a hike through the woods. With room for his Swiss Army knife, compass and smartphone, he can skin a fish and start a fire, then call you and the kids (because you know he’ll be missing his fam).

If your fella is more of the just-let-me-take-the-boat-out-and-I’ll-bring-home-dinner type, a new sun-protecting hat will be all the excuse he needs to embark on his next fishing trip. Before hitting the water, he can fill up his thermos with is favorite fresh brew and throw on a soft button-up shirt that will complement the relaxing waves on the lake, making it the ultimate laid back kind of day he’s been wishing for.

With some new outdoor gear, your sweetheart can get some fresh air and you’ll earn some me time. At the very least, he can work on that dadbod that you’ve come to love so much.