The Easiest Way to Rock a Butterfly Print


Spring must be on its way, because butterflies have officially migrated back to the runway. If you’re not one to channel your favorite 90s diva, fear not – we’ve got the easiest way to incorporate butterflies into your wardrobe while still looking totally put together.

But first, let’s clear up why butterflies are this season’s hottest trend. While they often get a bad rap for being somewhat girlish, butterflies are so much more than their associations with fantasy and rainbows.  Rather, they are organic and – by their very definition – mature creatures. In modern fashion terms, think of them as a more elegant extension of the woodland creatures trend. If you can sport a fox on your sweater, why not beautify your accessories with wings?

No matter what your style-age is, it’s never been easier to incorporate this can’t-miss vogue into your wardrobe than with a chic butterfly handbag. But before you pick up any ol’ bag, here’s how to make sure you rock the trend like a runway pro:


Supersize it. Show off that wing-span with a tote-size purse to really show off your butterfly-love. A larger tote is perfect for the moody spring season because it allows you to shed and carry layers as you please.

Look for structured details. A stiff, easy-to-grab handle and metallic feet means this bag will go everywhere you want to. You can hold it in your hand, cradle it in your elbow and even set it down for an impromptu lunch date without worrying about scuffing the bottom.

Get serious with the hues. Look for rich, sophisticated color schemes on the bag to offset the whimsical print. Darker tones like black, brown, and navy blue, and earthy colors like cream, moss green, mustard yellow and rust red balance out a dainty pattern.

Go with heavy-duty textures. There’s nothing cutesy about butterflies strewn artistically against hard-core leather, faux leather, canvas, suede or burlap. Adding some edgy texture to a feminine theme is a timeless way to be très stylish.

Avoid ornaments and accessories. A beautiful print needs a clean easel to be fully appreciated. Outside zippers, studs, pockets and fringe will only compete with the intricacy of the design – keep it simple and let the print be the star.

Downplay your outfit. One of the many reasons we love a butterfly bag is that it stands on its own. Rather than go overboard with neons and pastels, wear soft, breezy neutrals to celebrate the season. Small accents of bright color – via a cardigan, shoes or the bag itself – add a smart pop against your otherwise monochromatic ensemble. Finish the look with natural makeup, coral lipstick and simple metallic jewelry.

Now that you know how to catch the perfect bag (like this one from Nicole Miller New York!) be the first of your friends to tote this season’s biggest fad featuring nature’s smallest beauty muse. Once you’ve mastered the ‘fly bag, apply these guidelines to a winged pair of sneakers, button-down, scarf or – if you’re feeling really bold – vintage high-waisted shorts (just not all at once). From there, all that’s left to do is flutter your stuff, Madame Butterfly.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Add More Floral to Your Wardrobe

1_Floral_dress v2

While lawns may still be dotted with snow, there’s no better way to usher in a new season than by donning a print that’s as excited as you are for the warmer days ahead. We’re talking about florals (of course), as spring’s prettiest print that’s sure to add some femininity to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or a sophisticated fashionista, there’s a way to add just the right amount of flower power to get you through these last few weeks of winter.


For that first 50-degree day of the year, jump right in with full-on floral. Moody blue flowers on a flattering knee-length skater dress is the perfect outfit for an afternoon at the park that turns into date night with the hubs. Just add some neutral wedges, and don’t forget a denim jacket for those times when the spring weather acts, well, like itself.


If you want to experiment before committing, accessories are the answer. Grab a pastel floral print Nicole Miller New York handbag to go with your go-to chambray shirt dress, and your look will say “Spring!” well before the weather does. Find a bag with neutral accents like a fashion-forward tassel or extra zippers for an added layer of intrigue.

4_Floral_scarf v2

While mittens may be just for winter, we assure you, scarves are not. This lightweight accessory is the easiest way to add delicate florals to any outfit. Find one with inky cool tones to add just the right amount of color to a casual outfit. A classic white tee and denim skinnies let the florals do all the talking, especially when worn with perfectly-messy second day hair.


Whether it’s the star of your outfit or the perfect accessory, there’s a reason everyone loves wearing florals. This girlish print makes absolutely any outfit spring-ready – and it just might convince the weather to catch up to your savvy style.