halloween accessories for every boo and ghoul

That wildly realistic Wicked Witch of the West or princess perfect Elsa costume may not be the best uniform for your supermom duties, but that certainly doesn’t mean you should forgo any and all festive fashion. Whether you’re toting the kiddos around Halloween night, catching a scary flick with the family or just meeting up with friends for some tricks and treats, Meijer has the tips, tricks and treats so you covered in Halloween spirit from head to toe—without looking like a nightmare before Christmas.

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Add some pumpkin spice to your ensemble as you and the little munchkins navigate your neighborhood tricking and treating. You can glow as brightly as a jack o’lantern with a ghoulishly cute pumpkin top with all the frills and thrills paired with warm black legging and striped socks to match.

Brew up some hocus pocus with your family’s Halloween fashion for scary movie night with easy-to-use nail art and frighteningly fun mitten-gloves for the gals to complement a “spooky” graphic statement long-sleeve tee, while the boys geek out in themed hoodies in superhero fashion.

But when it’s time for that festive fete with your friends, get devilishly stylish with the longest (fake) lashes a ghoul could want topped with glittery eye shadow that will sparkle in the midnight moonlight. And don’t forget the silver spider earrings and skeleton necklace for even more Halloween magic.

Costume or not, these tricks will make you the coolest mummy on the block.

this season’s mvp: the tunic sweater

The daily grind is never easy, but you’d be surprised to know that everyday fall fashion can be. Being the boss of your household requires the maximum amount of coffee (make that a venti), patience and hard work, but thankfully throwing on this season’s fresh take on the do-anything, wear-everywhere tunic sweater makes for an effortlessly chic look for even the busiest of moments. Look the part by pairing a thigh-length tunic sweater in a chill-proof fold-over turtleneck with black leggings, chunky booties and stackable bangles for the easiest – and trendiest – way to tackle your to-do list.

Who knew you could have it all with one simple sweater?

Meijer Style Fall 2015 Tunic Sweater