Update His Shoe Collection

From heels to boots to blinged out gladiators, shoes not only make an outfit, but they’re darn fun to shop for. If only your dirty-sneaker-wearing guy could understand. We think it’s time you let him know what his feet are missing. Luckily, even if your guy thinks socks and sandals are fashion magazine worthy, there are just three styles he needs in his arsenal to make sure he’s well prepared (not to mention well-dressed) for any situation. So go ahead and do what you’ve been dying to do: take control of his shoe closet.

men's shoes for every situation

Casual: The first step (literally) to introducing your guy to a pair of shoes that isn’t decorated with grass stains is to go casual. This style shoe is something your man is always going to need because it provides the comfort of his favorite five-year-old pair of sneakers combined with the style you desire. White sneakers can be dressed up with khakis and a button-up for a Friday night happy hour with his crew, while canvas shoes pair perfectly with those joggers he loves to wear running errands (he’s a keeper).

Dapper: Whether you’re aiming to add variety to his office attire or hope that he wears something just a little bit nicer to the next family wedding, there’s nothing like faux leather to make him feel equal parts masculine and fancy (especially with a bowtie addition). A pair of dark brown or black oxfords will complement anything from a pinstripe suit to jeans and a polo so you two can go anywhere and show off your power couple status.

On-the-Run: Proceed with caution. Some men substitute the word “athletic” for “casual.” But his new pair of kicks should only be seen at the gym or on the running track and left at home on Saturday date night—unless of course date night consists of a game of one-on-one basketball, then we hope you take him down! To complete his pro b-ball look (he can dream), toss his ragged sweatpants and opt for a relaxed fit athletic pant. He’ll feel extra motivated to workout, especially if it’s with you.

From the daily grind to casual weekends, transform your man’s style by adding something fresh below the ankle. Your man’s feet won’t even know what hit them.

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