How to Pull off Wearing Flowers in Your Hair

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Melissa from The Bee’s Knees to share an easy, casual hairstyle incorporating simple floral details. If you can’t get enough floral in your life this season, this adorable hairstyle is the perfect solution for anything from lunch meetings to date nights.

flowers in hair finished look

Spring is just around the corner, hooray! And nothing says spring like florals. When the weather turns warm my mind goes to flower planting, wardrobe updates, and fresh hair! Today I’m showing you a ‘fast’ and easy way to incorporate florals into your hair for spring.

I am a sucker for fresh flowers, so I chose this beautiful mini carnation bouquet from Meijer. They smell heavenly, by the way.

mini carnation bouquet from Meijer

First you’ll want to begin with freshly washed hair. I find that I always have the most volume the first day I blow dry my hair, so for me this works best. Also, you’re going to want a nice deep part in your hair.

freshly washed and blowdried hair

Next you’ll want to take a dry shampoo and spray it all over your head. I know this seems counter-productive, but when you wash your hair you strip it of all of its texture from days of using products. So in order to get the best styling hold for day-one hair, you’ll want to add some dry shampoo. You’ll be amazed at the texture it gives!

applying Herbal Essences dry shampoo for texture

One of my favorite dry shampoos is this one by Herbal Essences. It smells great and really works!

Herbal Essences dry shampoo

For easy styling, take the top half of your hair and pin it up. Curl the whole bottom layer by turning the wand away from your face. I’m using a 1” Revlon curling iron.

curling hair with 1” Revlon curling iron

finished curled bottom layer hair with 1” Revlon curling iron

Take the rest of your hair down and curl the top layer as well. When you’re finished curling, your hair should look something like this:

finished curled hair with 1” Revlon curling iron

Next, run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and lightly spritz hairspray all throughout your hair. (This will give it even more texture and a light hold). I used a hairspray from the new Tresemme Beauty-full volume collection.

using Tresemme Beauty full volume hair spray

Now, section your hair into three pieces and get ready to braid. Start on the deep side of the part and work your way over to the other side.

french braiding hair

Begin French braiding until you’re a little past your ear. If you have a hard time French braiding, a normal braid would probably work too with a little improvising.

continuing to french braid hair

Secure the braid with a small Goody hair tie.

securing french braid with hair tie

Then use a few bobby pins to hold the braid back when finished.

using bobby pins to secure braid in hair

Now you’re going to begin pulling on either side of your braid to loosen it and make it appear more ‘messy’. You’ll want to do this all the way down the braid and especially up near the top of your head for the appearance of more volume.

pulling on either side of braid to loosen

Snip a few flowers and buds from your bouquet.

flowers and buds from carnation bouquet

Begin arranging the flowers by sticking them ‘in’ the braid. The braid functions as a way of holding the flowers in place. Keep placing the flowers until you’re happy with the results. You can use a few or many depending on the occasion! I wore this hairstyle for a nice dinner out with my mom, but I’d feel comfortable wearing it whenever, especially as spring and summer arrive.

arranging the flowers in the braid

Finished product:

finished floral hair look

I hope you’ll get creative and give this look a try! Cheers to spring!

Melissa McBride is the fashionista behind The Bee’s Knees, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and DIY. Follow Melissa on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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