The Five Tie-Dye Prints You Need This Summer

While neon colors have always been a summer staple, this year we’ve got our eyes on everyone’s favorite retro print: tie-dye. But instead of the rainbow-dyed shirts we loved as kids, this season it’s all about cool indigos in modern dye patterns.

This season, skip the classic spiral-dyed tees and try one of these five tie-dye patterns for a laid-back summer look.


1. Shibori

This Japanese style of lightly dyed fabric is the easiest way to try the trend. This lighter take on tie-dye has a subtle, lined print, perfect for transitioning to your summer wardrobe. As seen on the fashion runways around the world, this is one sophisticated take on tie-dye you won’t want to miss.


2. Sunburst

A must for festival-goers (or those who just want to look like they are), sunburst tie-dye is the perfect casual print. The big dye pattern looks great on one-piece outfits like dresses and rompers. Keep your jewelry to a minimum to let the bold print shine.


3. Crumple

This wave-inspired dye treatment is the perfect print for a day at the pool. Aqua and turquoise hues look great on any skin tone, while the white fabric makes the blues pop. Accessorize in solid colors for a grown-up version of this childhood favorite.


4. Folded

This all-over print is flattering on all body shapes, especially in contrasting colors like white and navy. The small geometric pattern is a fun update to your go-to cotton tank, while still giving off that laid-back vibe. Downplay the rest of your outfit with timeless classics and let your tie-dye steal the show.


5. Graphic

This season it’s all about the graphic tee, and trends collide when you add tie-dye. Custom-dyed patterns can bring out the patriot in you, showing both the stars and stripes of the American flag. Other dye patterns will let you show your laid-back personality, just add a pair of classic denim shorts or crops.

Whether you’re new to tie-dye or just can’t wait to wear your favorites, it’s never been easier to try this runway-inspired trend.

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