XO Mrs. Measom’s Spring Color Crush

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips to home décor suggestions, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming KJ from XO Mrs. Measom to share her favorite color to add to her home décor for spring—blue! As she shows us below, blue is perfect for adding pops of color to your living space and there’s a variety of ways to incorporate this season.

I am a lady who loves my neutrals. White, taupe, beige, cream. I love these muted hues because they allow me to play around with prints and textures without being too loud. They also create a beautiful blank canvas for me to add to each season without having to overspend.



With the warmer weather upon us, it was time to brighten up our home with some pops of color. The color of this season seems to be blue, in all its variants. From bright cobalt to a soft turquoise, you can’t pass an aisle of Meijer without something blue catching your eye.



My first tip is to play with blue accessories such as this teakettle, or these stunning blue crystal cups. Mixing in these bold shades will have any visitor feeling like they’re on a beautiful island, catching some rays. They’ll be thinking beachy thoughts, and you’ll find that adding these tiny splashes of color makes all the difference in inspiring that warm weather mood.


I embraced the bold blue in this American flag pillow I found, showing off my patriotic side, and waiting for the Fourth to find its way. I even layered a brighter turquoise chalkboard behind it to pull out more of the royal blue. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shades of blue together. They’re so complementary, you can’t go wrong.


Speaking of mixing and matching, I also love the look of mixing in prints and textures. I took plaid and striped dishtowels, in the same blue tone, and together they made such an eye catching duo.




The more I played around with the blue, the more I realized it was almost more of a neutral! It could go with something as bright as this coral, in a high intensity print like the chevron, and still be classy and chic.


Something about the blue really pulls out the color and layers of whatever you pair it with. These place mats made the white bowl, the apples, and the wood all make sense. Apples never looked so good!

From soft robin’s egg blue to richer navy hues, it’s no wonder this versatile hue is the “it” color of the season. Just add a few splashes to each room in your home, and you’ll be ready for the sunny days ahead.

KJ is the fashionista behind XO Mrs. Measom, a lifestyle blog full of tips for beauty, fashion, recipes and much more. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

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