Boho Braids in 6 Easy Steps

With casual-cool styles dominating summer trends, it can be easy to hit the streets without giving your hair a second thought. Instead of falling back on your go-to everyday hairstyle, elevate your laidback look with a no-fuss, boho-inspired braid.


With a few texturizing sprays and clear elastic hair ties, here’s how to get the look in six easy steps.


Step 1: The foundation of this look is all-over texture, so second day hair works best for styling. To start, use a Bed Head High Roller Curling Iron Wand to create loose waves. Avoid leaving your hair on the iron too long – this will help you attain perfectly relaxed curls.

When you’re finished curling, mist your locks with Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray for texture and L’Oreal® Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray for long-lasting hold.


Step 2: On one side, divide the front section of your hair into two pieces.


Step 3: Braid the back section of hair, leaving the strands closest to your face alone (for now). Secure the end of the braid with a clear rubber band.


Step 4: Slightly twist the front section back over the braided piece and add a small section from the other side of the head.


Step 5: Secure the pieces from each side together with a rubber band.


Step 6: Braid the secured section of hair to complete the look.

With these dual braids, it’s never been easier to mix up your hair routine and try a boho-inspired style.

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