8 Things You Need to Host an Instagram-Worthy Fall Picnic


While summer may have come and gone, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors before the first frost hits. We’re talking lazy afternoons in the backyard with a cozy blanket or two and your favorite fall snacks to really celebrate the season. So grab your besties and get ready for a picture-perfect get-together everyone is sure to love. To give you some inspiration for a cozy afternoon, here are eight essential items that every fall picnic needs – all available now at Meijer.

1. Neutral Picnic Blanket

Skip the classic checkerboard blanket and opt for a neutral tan or brown blanket. The understated, simple style will allow your picnic décor to really shine. Make sure the throw is thick enough to give your guests some extra comfort, like a king size quilt. That way you’ll be sure to have a welcome layer between yourself and the cool ground.

2. Fall Florals

Once you have your blanket laid out, frame your picnic space with fresh, natural accents – this is an outdoor picnic, after all! Choose fall floral arrangements like mums and heleniums from the Meijer garden center, featuring your favorite autumn colors.

Roosevelt Group (www.roosevelt-group.com)

3. Rustic Baskets and Serving Platters

Worried about getting your décor set up or carrying glasses to your picture-perfect picnic? Wicker baskets work great for outdoor events, especially with rustic rope handles. Serve snacks on rope-lined wooden serving platters or in wooden serving bowls for a natural complement to your outdoor event.


4. Outdoor-Safe Drink Dispenser

Since cider is a must for any fall gathering, put it on display in a plastic drink dispenser. Add slices of apples and cinnamon sticks to bring the flavors to life, and let guests serve themselves with an easy-to-use spout.


5. Mason Jar Glasses

For a unique way to enjoy cider, skip traditional tumblers in favor of rustic mason jars. For an extra cute touch that your guests will love, decorate the jars with a simple twine bow.


6. Chic Throw Pillows

Since picnics are notably sans table and chairs, bring throw pillows so your guests can get totally comfortable. Pick two hero colors in various prints and solids (we love plaids and stripes), incorporating neutrals like white and grey to add even more dimension to your décor.


7. Cozy Blankets

If your soiree is going to last until sunset, don’t forget to bring extra blankets to keep your guests cozy. A large wicker basket makes set-up a breeze, while allowing you to bring plenty of blankets for everyone. Throw in your favorite book or magazine and swap favorites with your friends.


8. Your besties

The best thing about a picnic is the people you share it with, so always invite your friends (and take lots of creative pictures!).

You’re covered when it comes to fall picnic essentials, so now it’s time to plan your ensemble! Here are a few autumn outfit ideas perfect for your next event.

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