Melissa’s Dreams Come True During a Day with Stacy London

Following her recent partnership with Meijer’s Massini brand, style guru Stacy London selected three Meijer Team Members to spend the day shopping. She styled each woman and shared the latest and greatest Massini trends, available exclusively at Meijer. After their personal styling session, the women enjoyed a hair and makeup tutorial, compliments of L’Oreal. Read on to learn more about team member Melissa’s experience, and see exclusive footage from her style experience with Stacy London.

Melissa Stacy London

Name: Melissa

How would you describe your personal style?

I honestly don’t know if I have one particular style that defines me. I love clothing that’s both cute and comfortable, and I end up wearing a lot of black – even though I love color! However, my obsession is with jewelry and makeup. I tend to pair bold accessories with clothing in classic shades of black, navy and grey to balance out.

I want to be trendy, but I’m in my 40s and can’t wear the “younger” fashion pieces. Fit and sizing are always a concern when trying to define my style.

Based on your past, what comes to mind when you think of body positivity?

Years ago, a cardigan was my go-to clothing item because they covered me up, and that’s what I thought I needed: to cover up! I used to only focus on being a mom and raising my son without spending any time on myself. Over the years, my friends helped me focus more on myself and my own well-being, which has led to a much-appreciated confidence boost. Now I know I still have plenty of life to live, and want to treat myself to the life I deserve.

For ages I’ve had to shop in a separate plus-size section – which always seems to feature pieces meant to “cover you up.” I don’t want to look like I’m 20 years older just because my size is a little bigger than the average woman. I think it’s fabulous Meijer is the first to incorporate plus-size clothes into the women’s section, so everyone can shop and wear the same trendy styles together!

So why were you looking forward to a day with Stacy London?

I’ve wanted to meet Stacy London since I first heard about her 15 years ago and used to beg friends and family to put me on her show! Stacy is so full of life, energy and positive vibes, and I’ve always wanted to pick her brain on how she manages to inspire so many people.

I know I’m ready for the next phase of my personal fashion. I just got out of my funky-mom-phase and am trying to really live again. I would like to be more confident about my style choices. At the end of the day, meeting Stacy is even more about me than the fashion – this is truly a check on the bucket list!

How did this experience affect your current fashion choices and the way you view your style?

My styling session was phenomenal, and it was surreal getting to meet Stacy. Though she did help me improve some of my fashion choices, it actually meant so much that she complimented me on how I looked before the process!

Melissa Stacy London Massini

The best advice Stacy gave you… go!

Never try on just one piece at a time – try on an entire outfit. You might not need to buy the entire outfit, but you’ll have a much better idea of what the whole ensemble will look like.

What was the most surprising part of your styling experience?

Stacy put me in some pieces I probably wouldn’t have selected for myself: smaller sizes (which felt amazing!) and different style options. I don’t think I would have chosen this top for myself, and I know I would never have tried it on – but I love it!

Melissa Stacy London Massini

With all your fresh fashion knowledge, what is your new go-to clothing item?

I love the boots I’m wearing right now. Although they’re heels (and I never wear heels), I think they look fabulous with the outfit I have on. I also love the other pieces I’m wearing – I just would never have picked them out for myself!

What do you want other Meijer Style shoppers to know about this experience?

It’s been neat to watch Stacy at work, as she’s really taken the time to get to know each of us and our style. We all got to try on a ton of new outfits, and she wanted to make sure she found exactly the right look for each of us. Actually, that was my favorite piece of it: how much effort she put into making sure the new Massini line really worked for our bodies, instead of the other way around.

Any final thoughts on this experience?

I just want to say thank you – I’ve started 2017 in such an amazing situation! In a million years I wouldn’t have guessed that working for Meijer would one day give me the opportunity to spend a day with Stacy London. Thanks for making my dream come true!

Stay tuned for more stories from Meijer team members on their experiences with Stacy London!

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