Karina Re-Discovers Her Style with Stacy London

Following her recent partnership with Meijer’s Massini brand, style guru Stacy London selected three Meijer Team Members to spend the day shopping. She styled each woman and shared the latest and greatest Massini trends, available exclusively at Meijer. After their personal styling session, the women enjoyed a hair and makeup tutorial, compliments of L’Oreal. Read on to learn more about team member Karina’s experience, and see exclusive footage from her style experience with Stacy London.

Karina - Stacy London

Name: Karina

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is all about comfort. Since I work in Meijer’s warehouse, I usually dress with the weather: shorts and a tank top in the summer, sweatpants or jeans and a sweater in the winter. But that also translates to my home style: comfort all the way! But if I’m going on a date or out with friends, I might put on a skirt or a flowy top, just to switch things up. I mean, I get tired of wearing jeans and sweatpants all the time!

Why are you looking to change up your look?

Honestly, I just need something a little different and thought this experience would be a good way to find it! I’ve always liked the look of more trendy pieces, but budget-wise, I’m not usually able to afford the more stylish pieces. And, I don’t know, I always come back to what makes me the most comfortable.

What comes to mind when you think about body positivity?

Body positivity… it’s something I’m still working on. I’ve recently gained a little bit of weight, and I’m working on enjoying and living in the body I have. It’s been a journey, but I’m working on it.

What’s your typical shopping routine?

My closet is full of things I’ve had forever, and I usually don’t buy clothes unless I really have to. Mainly, it’s because I can’t find anything I like when I’m out shopping, or only find things I don’t think would look good on me. Really, shopping is just something I don’t do unless I absolutely have to. Over the years, my three boys’ needs – shopping and otherwise – have always come first.

So why were you looking forward to a day with Stacy London?

I’m typically the quiet, shy, behind-the-scenes type of person. I thought this experience would be something new and different, and might help me bust out of my shell. With my boys all grown and gone, I’m a little stuck. I’m not usually the outgoing person who strikes up conversations, but maybe being a little more stylish will give me the confidence I need!

So… how did it go?!

Today was fun! I really enjoyed myself and stepped way out of my box – but I’m OK, I’ve survived, and I think I can try this again! The experience is something I’ll never forget because even though I want to update my style, I’ve also learned that simply being myself is 100% OK.

Karina - Stacy London

How did this experience affect your current fashion choices and the way you view your style?

Stacy taught me not to be afraid of colors and prints, and showed me tons of cute, trendy pieces in Massini. Though there were a few outfits I tried and didn’t love, Stacy and I got to talk about why they worked or didn’t, and it helped me really try new pieces and understand my own style.

What did you learn about your own personal style through this experience?

My favorite look is perfect for a date night out! Though I’m not a big makeup wearer, I think I’ve discovered a lot about my personal style and fashion choices. There were a few things I saw on the rack and would’ve never picked up before. But I tried them on and thought they looked amazing on me! This experience has taught me that going outside of my comfort zone and trying on new things could make for a surprisingly perfect outfit.

Today was an absolute whirlwind that I completely enjoyed. Thank you for choosing me for this experience!

Karina - Stacy London

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