How to Accessorize Crochet

This summer, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to showcase the season’s hottest trends. From style trends to home décor tips, we love seeing how these fashionistas celebrate the warm weather.

We love crochet this season, so this week we’re welcoming Candace from Live, Love and Read to share her tips on how to style and accessorize one of this summer’s hottest trends.

While crochet is picking up in popularity by the second, I must admit that I have been rocking crochet since my elementary school days thanks to my mom. She was a total 70s girl, which indirectly impacted my love for oversized flare jeans, maxi dresses and most importantly, CROCHET ANYTHING.

I firmly believe that crochet detailing provides us with a unique opportunity to add texture and dimension to any look. I am also convinced that it enables us to simplistically approach accessorizing, since it is basically an accessory in itself.

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Crochet Shorts

When it comes to solely crochet pieces, like these Wall Flower crochet shorts, it’s best to keep everything nice and simple. By simple, I mean clean lines and minimal extra fuss. With this crochet detailing being a bit heavier due to the high waistband, I chose a simple top by Hint of Mint from Meijer and I also wanted to find an earring with a bit more volume to balance out the top and bottom of the look. I decided to go with these lustrous pastel earrings by Cool from Meijer. For finishing touches, I adorned my wrist with a simple multi-thread bracelet from Meijer, which beautifully compliments the colors in the earrings.

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Lace Dress Adorned with Crochet

While the crochet detailing on this Hint of Mint lace dress from Meijer is quite minimal, I wanted to continue that minimal approach while also giving it a bit more dimension. To highlight the crochet detail, I chose a two-toned neutral statement earring. For a slight pop of color, I layered it with a set of multi-colored bracelets by Romantic Stack from Meijer that includes Rose Quartz, one of Pantone’s colors of the year. Combined, these two accessories compliment the overall aesthetic of the dress and the crochet detailing.

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The Crochet Top Appliqué

For crochet tops, I prefer to have a clean neckline, which means there is only one possible accessory—earrings! Due to the intricate detail of this specific top by Heart of Soul from Meijer, I wanted to find an earring shape that complimented the stylistic design of the crochet appliqué. When my eyes landed on these Moroccan inspired earrings from Meijer, I just knew they were a perfect match for this outfit. While simplistic was an important variable in finding a suitable accessory for this top, I also allowed the design of the crochet to guide me!

So, when it comes to accessorizing crochet, just remember these words:

“Keep it simple.”

Crochet is unique itself and does not need a lot of extra fuss. When accessorizing crochet, allow the crochet detailing to be the focal point of your look, which means simplifying everything else!

Happy “Crochet” Styling!

Candace is the fashionista behind Live, Love and Read, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

3 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

As every girl knows, nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling your hair stick to your shoulders on a hot summer day. Rather than pulling your hair in a simple pony to avoid the humidity, elevate your up-do with a thin, lightweight scarf. Keep your hair away from your face (and give your look a few extra style points), try one of these three easy ways to add a scarf to your hair style.


1. Crochet Headband

Place the center of the scarf in the middle of your forehead, then wrap it down each side and knot below your hairline. For a boho-inspired twist, pull the tails of the scarf over one shoulder to let them rest on your front side.


2. Lacey Twist

To achieve a relaxed, romantic look, all you need is a thin lace scarf and a few bobby pins. Not only does this ‘do give your strands some extra body, you’ll have effortless waves ready for a second day style. For a step-by-step guide on how to create this simple updo, check out our tutorial for festival-ready hair.


3. Boho Crown

Give your braids an extra pop of color with a short scarf in a bright pattern. A perfect complement to your staple neutral pieces, a bold head wrap will bring your warm weather ensemble to a whole new level. Just wrap a scarf around your updo and tie at the nape of your neck, leaving a few framing pieces around your face.

Whether you’re looking to add some more color to your look or just trying to keep your hair off your shoulders, there’s never been a better time to try the trend.