The Comfiest Summer Clothing Trends to Try Right Now

Beyond the warm temps that summer is known and loved for, the season also brings carefree clothing trends that we’re (always!) obsessed with. The best part about the hottest styles of 2017? They’re insanely cute – and insanely comfortable. We can’t get enough of this year’s soft, summery outfits, so we’re sharing four of our favorites to serve as inspiration throughout the season.

Flowy Shirt + Pants

Gone are the days when pairing a flowy top with wide bottoms was a fashion “don’t” – now, it’s a fashion “please do!” Just be sure to complete the combo with cork wedges vs. flats to give your outfit the length it needs to look totally balanced. We especially love this chic ensemble for summer, as you can easily incorporate other seasonal trends like bold colors, floral print, ruffles and shoulder details. In fact, our favorite part of this combo is how the striking, red culottes accent the dark, flowery pattern. And did you notice these bright turquoise earrings? Small details make such a difference when highlighting shades in a colorful print!

Wide Leg Jumpsuits

From gauchos to palazzo pants, bottoms with a wide, loose silhouette are one of our favorite trends this summer. When you combine this look with the ever-popular jumpsuit, your outfit reaches a whole new level of cute (and comfort!). Plus, this one-piece wonder is extra trendy, thanks to the vibrant embroidery featured around the scoop style neckline. To ensure you don’t take away from those delicate details, skip the pendant or statement necklace and opt for a choker or bare neck instead. The intricate, embroidered design is a statement in itself! Finally, complete the look with a pair of black block heel sandals for a fiercely classic ensemble that’s sure to turn heads.

Soft Tee + Shorts

A basic graphic tee and loose patterned shorts are the perfect combination for a sunny day on the beach. The soft, cottony fabric is breathable (great for high temps) and comfortable (perfect for an afternoon filled with activities!). For an extra summery vibe, knot your tee at the bottom, then balance out the look by choosing high-waisted shorts. We can’t get enough of this boho-inspired pair – the elaborate pattern of the bottoms perfectly complements the simplicity of the top! Finish this ensemble with natural hair, “no makeup” makeup and classic cork sandals (or sneakers!) for an effortlessly casual outfit your friends will envy.

Bodysuit + Shorts

If you’re looking for an ensemble that embodies the athleisure trend to a tee, pair an active-inspired short with an off-the-shoulder bodysuit. We went the monochromatic route with a white top and black bottom, but don’t be afraid to rock your favorite summer shades. Pink and yellow are our go-to colors this season! When it comes to footwear, this outfit could be paired with your gym shoes or basic sandals – both are totally comfy and would look fabulous. Finally, pull your hair into a trendy half top knot, letting your natural hair texture shine in the bottom half of the style.

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2 Easy (and Adorable!) Ways to Style Medium-Length Hair for Spring

As spring begins to peek around the corner, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From fashion tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for a new year of style.

This week we’re welcoming Melissa from The Bee’s Knees to share two must-try ways to style medium-length hair, from an everyday look to a boho-inspired updo!

Styling a bob or “lob” (long bob) is super easy and fun – plus, it’s a great length for when spring or summertime rolls around. The temps get higher, your hair gets shorter! If you’re looking for a change, trying to cool off for the season, or are just a busy mom like me who likes low-maintenance style, you might want to try a bob or “lob” haircut.

My hair has grown out some (so I’m definitely in the “lob” stage), but don’t worry! The practical styles I’m sharing today work great with long OR short bobs. But before we get into my favorite medium-length looks, take a peek at my must-have styling products for spring:

Right now, I’m loving Revlon’s 1¼ inch barrel curling iron. It creates large, loose and luxurious curls that look perfectly laidback! If you need a little texture to achieve this beach-ready ‘do, L’Oreal Air Dry It Wave Swept Spray is great for hot summer styling. I’ve also been using OGX Argan Oil of Morocco, Goody scallop-cut headbands and L’Oreal Lock It hairspray – we’ll need all of these tools for the styles below, so stay tuned. Also pictured above is my favorite hairbrush of all time – the Wet Brush! This amazing product is available at Meijer and works so well for fine OR coarse hair. No tugging or pulling involved!

Now that you know which products you need to succeed, here are my two easy, adorable styles for short hair.


This is my everyday, fool-proof, easy-breezy style. I love it because if you have semi-fine hair (like me) that grabs curl really well, sometimes the curls will last for days! That means less heat and less damage to the hair. I am a firm believer in dry shampoo, which I’ll talk about later, and that is my go-to for fresh hair in a pinch – always!

Step 1: First, you’ll want to start with freshly washed and blow-dried hair.

Step 2: Then, apply this OGX Argan Oil of Morocco (about a dime size) evenly over your strands.

Step 3: Use a Revlon 1¼ inch barrel curling iron to style your whole head, making sure the ringlets twist away from your face. If you’re not totally sure how to do this, the hair should curl over top of the iron, not underneath.

When you’re finished, the curls will appear fairly tight, but don’t brush them out until you’ve styled your entire head.

Step 4: Now, run your fingers through your hair to gently pull and loosen the curls.

Step 5: Mist a fine coat of hairspray all over your locks, then voila! You’re done! Big, beautiful, loose curls in a snap.



Alright, now let’s talk updos! This is one of my favorite ways to wear my hair up. It’s easy and has a little ‘bohemian’ flair to it. I picked up a cute pack of Goody headbands at Meijer and worked them into this style!

Step 1: First, you’ll want to start with hair that’s a few days dirty. I know that sounds weird, but really, it’s true. Any hairstylist will tell you that updos work far better on hair that’s got some day 3 or 4 texture to it.

If you really want to wear your hair up the first or second day after washing it, try using dry shampoo to add some texture to your hair. I love ‘Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo!’

Step 2: Next, add the headband and pull a chunk of your bangs forward. Make sure you get a big enough section!

Step 3: Pull your hair into a tight ponytail.

Step 4: Wrap your strands around the elastic so your pony becomes a bun, and then secure it with Goody bobby pins.

Step 5: Grab the front section of hair and start braiding it until you reach the end. Secure it temporarily with a ponytail holder if you need to, then go through the braid and grab at sections to loosen it a bit.

Step 6: Finally, remove the ponytail holder from your bangs (if you used one), then take the braid and wrap it up and around the back of your bun. Secure it into the base of the style with more Goody bobby pins, then finish with some L’Oreal Lock It hairspray.

That’s it! Short hair-styling is so fun and easy! I hope you’ll give these looks a try sometime.

Melissa is the fashionista behind The Bee’s Knees, a fashion and lifestyle blog discussing her style, travels, recipes, beauty tips and more. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.