Sporty-Chic Outfit Inspiration for Every Personal Style

There are so many great aspects of athleisure – it’s comfortable, it’s versatile, what’s not to love? Style bloggers are raving about a new fashion-forward take on active wear, so we’re sharing our favorite looks to give you some fresh outfit inspiration. Whether your style is feminine or edgy, these sporty-chic staples just became your new wardrobe must-haves.

athletic inspired outfits sporty chic patterned striped leggings monochromatic

Athletic-inspired leggings

Cult-favorite Adidas is known for striped pants – which makes these trendy Meijer leggings feel instantly sporty. The best part about the cute, stretchy bottoms? You can change your entire look based on how you choose to style them.

To put a feminine spin on the active-inspired look, wear floral-patterned leggings with an off-the-shoulder top. Opt for a neutral shade to ensure you complement your print instead of distracting from it.

If you’re shooting for a look that’s laidback, yet edgy, stick to a solid monochromatic theme from your head to your toes. Pair black and white pants with a classic white tee, then finish off the look with neutral shoes and accessories (more on that later!).

athletic inspired outfits sporty chic dress tie-dye

Sporty-chic dresses

For a casual and comfy take on the dressed-up athleisure trend, opt for a loose, cotton dress with all-white or all-black tennies. You could go super simple with a straight, solid style, or spice things up with a print like tie-dye. Either way, stick to a greyscale color palette to keep your look fresh and modern. Whether you prefer a crisp, clean look or a playful, carefree vibe, this one-piece wonder looks great on everyone.

athletic inspired outfits sporty chic accessories keds tennis shoes sunglasses

Monochromatic accessories

To prove your athletic-inspired outfit is definitely not meant for the gym, pair with crisp black and white accessories.  Traditional Keds are totally adorable, but don’t shy away from details like lace! Finally, a pair of neutral tortoise shell frames will bring an effortless vibe to your ensemble. Opt for sunglasses if you’re headed out and about, or try faux eyeglasses if you’re feeling extra bold!

Once you’ve got your neutrals on lock, add a pop of color to your look with these blogger-approved makeup trends.

How to Boost Your Mood with Aromatherapy

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Jess of The Golden Girl to share the basics of using Aromatherapy – from the must-have oils to the multitude of different uses – in order to brighten up your winter moods.

aromatherapy essential oils

As we near the last few days of January, real life is starting to kick back into full gear. The holidays are feeling like distant memory, yet [unfortunately] the concept of summer is feeling even further from our grasp!

Truth: the dead of winter is the hardest time of the year for anyone to get through! It’s cold, it’s dreary, and sometimes we go through week-long stretches without seeing the sun. The struggle is real.

Recently though, I stumbled upon something that’s really helped pick me up when I’m feeling all “wintery” and down: Aromatherapy.

in-home aromatherapy


I previously had no experience with aromatherapy and had associated the term with a treatment you add on to your massage when visiting the spa. But then I stumbled upon an aromatherapy and essential oils article online and was intrigued enough to try it out for myself.

Meijer happens to have a really great selection of both diffusers and essential oils, so I picked up a handful of items and couldn’t wait to get home to put them to the test!

Want to do the same to lift your winter blues? Keep reading for my Aromatherapy 101!

essential oils and house plant

What is Aromatherapy?

By definition, “Aromatherapy” is the use of natural essential oils to improve a person’s mood and overall health. The idea is that when smelling certain scents, chemicals are released in the brain that can make you feel relaxed, calm or mentally stimulated.

Aromatherapy has been proven useful for the management of stress, anxiety, insomnia and even headaches and body aches. It can be applied by mixing the oils with a “carrier oil”–like coconut or jojoba oil–which is applied to the skin or body, or with water–such as in a bath. Or, if you prefer, use them in a diffuser, which uses an evaporating method to disperse the oils into the air. An added bonus to this method is that it acts as an air purifier as well!

diffuser and canopy

Aromatherapy Diffuser:

Speaking of diffusers, this is one of the items I picked up on my trip to Meijer. You can also purchase several different diffuser canopies (AKA covers) separately, which is a fun way to switch up the look every so often. This mercury glass canopy was my favorite and matches my decor perfectly! The diffusers also double as lights, which are perfect to keep in the bathroom as a night light.

diffuser aromatherapy light

Essential oils:

Meijer has so many amazing scents to choose from! There are typically five categories that scents will fall under–Flowery, Citrus, Spicy, Woody and Herbal–and Meijer has quite a few options under each.

Bearing this in mind, I chose a variety of scents and oil types based on these categories, and what I was hoping to achieve with my aromatherapy:

essential oils

Lavender: Falls under the floral category, this is a calming scent that helps alleviate stress and promotes sleep. I like to put this in my diffuser to help me unwind and fall asleep after a long day. I also like to drop a few droplets in the bottom of the shower to make it a spa-like experience.

Tee Tree Oil: Known for boosting the immune system, tee tree oil has many cleansing benefits. It also helps treat muscle aches, so I love using a few drops in the bath. I also just love the way it smells in general!

diffuser in bathroom

Frankincense: Another calming oil which, similar to lavender, is known for helping quiet the mind, settle restlessness and uplift your mood. This is helpful both at night before bed and anytime I need a little mood pick-me-up.

Eucalyptus: One of my favorite smells, Eucalyptus is really effective in improving breathing and clearing out sinuses. If you’re sick, this is definitely what you want to put into your diffuser! It’s also been known to help migraines and fevers. A natural antibacterial and antiseptic, you can also combine it with water to make your own natural disinfecting cleaning spray.

“Bodyguard” Blend: In addition to pure oils, Meijer also carries a variety of blends that are a combination of oils. I chose to go with the “bodyguard” blend. It makes me feel refreshed and alert, with lemon, juniper berry and rosemary. I like to use this during the day to help me focus and concentrate.

essential oils for relaxing

Whether I’m looking to slow down, focus or perk up, I’ve found that using different oils based on my moods really helps to get me out of whatever winter funk I might be in!

Have you tried it yet? What are your favorite scents?

Jess is the fashionista behind The Golden Girl, a Chicago blog aimed at providing a daily dose of attainable life, style, beauty and décor. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Must-Have Active Items for Winter Outdoor Running

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Bruna of Style Mile to show us the must-have active items for moving our running workouts outdoors this winter.

active wear for outdoor run

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running. I’m prone to shin splints and I live in Michigan, so let’s be honest – jogging in the cold weather doesn’t make it on to my to-do list often. But I’ve recently decided to give running another chance. I’m not aiming for a certain speed or distance; I just want to get out there! Whether I run one mile or four, I’ll be happy just the same.

stretching while running

As it turns out – and I’ve said this before – exercising in cute clothes makes the (sometimes daunting) task feel a LOT easier. I needed warm and affordable styles to help me brave the great outdoors, so I visited my local Meijer to do some active wear shopping.

outerwear for running

athletic leggings with mesh cutouts

The first thing I saw was THE cutest pair of RBX leggings. They’re fashionable, flattering and they keep me warm (even with mesh cutouts down the leg!). You better believe I’ll be wearing these all winter – they’re perfect for outdoor workouts AND a casual brunch with friends.

Next, I picked out a cozy RBX jacket to match. It keeps out the cold, but is lightweight enough that I don’t have to shed any layers mid-run.

Finally, to keep my ears toasty, I grabbed a neutral-colored MTA Sport beanie. It looks adorable with a low braid, low bun or ponytail! For the warmer days, I also picked up a MTA Sport headband – it’s thick enough to cover my ears, but doesn’t constrict my head too much (don’t you hate that?!).

wearable fitness tracker

While I’m not racing against the clock on most of my runs, I still love tracking my time with the Polar FT4 training watch – it comes in multiple colors, so you can choose your favorite! It also includes a heart rate monitor, which helps me make sure I stay in a healthy and comfortable zone. It’ll be fun to see my time improve as I stick to this new running routine!

woman running outside during winter

Finally, on days where I can’t hit the pavement until the sun is already down, I like to toss on a Stanley Waterproof head lamp for a little extra light. I also like to wear a set of Avia reflective gloves in order to stay safe near any late-night traffic.

Now that I’m all geared up for the cold weather, I’m ready to rack up the miles in fab style!

Bruna is the fashionista behind Style Mile, a blog where fashion, life and learnings all come together. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

How to Add More Color to Your Home this Winter

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Maya of Charmingly Styled to show us how adding a few colorful additions to your home can brighten your winter décor and mood!

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors

It’s easy to feel like your world is grey in the winter – between the overcast skies and snowy days, the cold weather blues definitely can start to get you down. I’ve been doing my best to keep myself in good spirits lately, but I’ve definitely noticed that the low temps have been affecting my mood a little more than usual. So I decided to kick the blues to the curb this season by adding a little more color into my home décor. When you surround yourself with cheery colors, you can’t help but feel a little cheerier, too!

Like you, I’m always on a budget – so I love swinging by Meijer to check out their colorful selection of home goods and décor. It’s tough when you want to style an affordable home, but Meijer makes it easy to find beautiful pillows, trays, lamps, candles and more without breaking the bank. Last time I went to Meijer, I picked up a few goodies that made my living room even more bright and beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite tips and the products I used to make my home a little more lively during these gloomy winter months.

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors throw pillows

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors throw pillows

Get Bold with Colorful Pillows

Don’t judge me too much, but I spend quite a bit of time on my couch in the winter (how can you not when you have Netflix and wine?!). To make my couch more comfortable and chic, I picked up these pretty chevron pillows to add a much needed pop of color. I love buying neutral, classic pieces when it comes to furniture, so the bright pillows do a great job of pulling the room together and making the space a little more cheery. Plus, who doesn’t love a classic chevron pattern? I’ll definitely be keeping these pillows on deck throughout the season to add a little more fun to my favorite room.

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors storage box

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors storage box

Say Yes to Colorful Storage

I am a big proponent of multi-tasking décor, so when I spotted this cute storage basket from Meijer, I knew it had to come home with me! I always have blankets lying around during the cold winter months, so this colorful basket is the perfect addition to my living room to keep my blankets organized. I also picked up the faux fur throw, because you can never have too many blankets this time of year! I live in Chicago and spend most of winter huddled up in my living room with a big cup of tea, so the cozier the blankets I can find, the better!

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors gold spike decoration

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors gold lamp

Mix in Some Gold Pieces with your Color

Obviously you don’t want your living room to turn into a circus, so it’s important to find balance with neutral and accent colors. I love decorating with gold accents, and I try to incorporate mixed metals whenever possible. This lamp from Meijer, along with my favorite spherical spike accent, adds some much needed balance to vignettes that are rich with bright colors.

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors blue tray snack

colorful home charmingly styled home decor bright colors popcorn tray

Find Colorful Upgrades to Your Favorite Pieces

From trays and bowls to your morning coffee mug, treat yourself to a few colorful upgrades to combat the grey weather outside. I replaced my drab, white tray with this pretty chevron patterned one. It matches my new pillows and adds a pop of color to my black coffee table. Not too shabby for a quick update, right?

I also bought these adorable polka dot bowls for my regular (almost nightly) bowls of popcorn – they’re the perfect size for indulging in a Netflix episode or two, and I love that they add even more color to my coffee table.

I hope you’re managing to escape the winter gloom but, if you’re struggling like I was, make sure to add colorful pieces to brighten up your home! It’s amazing what a few affordable pieces can do to make your living room feel like an oasis from the cold, and I’d definitely recommend swinging by Meijer to check out all the home décor they have for winter.

Maya is the fashionista behind Charmingly Styled, a Chicago life and style blog dedicated to the little charms that make life so good. Follow her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

How to Add Bold Color to Your Beauty Routine

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Andrea of blonde bedhead to help us beat winter’s drab palette with beauty routines in bold hues. Check out the three ways she uses trendy, mood shades to amp up her seasonal nail, lip and eye shadow styles.

color beauty routine bold purple lip full body shot

Winter’s grey and gloom makes it such a drab time of the year, but our beauty choices don’t have to follow suit. I live in Michigan, where our winters rank as the second most miserable in the country because of the intense cold and endless stretch of sunless, gloomy days.

It’s easy to become awash in this grey misery, but with my 30 years of winter experience, I know you can snap yourself out of that funk with some color. Read on for three tips to inject color into your winter beauty routine!

color beauty routine bold nails dark

Add a Moody Nail Color

I love a deep tone on my nails this time of the year. Instead of the usual black, I’ve found more interesting deep jewel tones like metallic blues, purple and even bright blue hues. I am obsessed with Revlon and essie nail polishes, both “drugstore” and luxury polishes available at Meijer. The color variety and application make it foolproof for someone like me who struggles to perfectly paint their nails. Or you can bring the color of your choice to your nail salon for a guaranteed perfect jewel-toned manicure.

color beauty routine bold nails dark polish

color beauty routine bold nails dark polish

Nail colors:
Revlon ColorStay Gel Nail Envy in Ace of Spades and All In (wearing All In!)
essie in Catch of the Day
Revlon Nail Enamel in Passionate

color beauty routine bold purple lip lipstick

Bright Pop of Lip Color

I can’t get enough of bright blue and purple lips right now. They pair so well with a barely-there makeup look, and let the lips shine on their own. I kept it simple with foundation to even out my skin tone, a bit of bronzer for contour and a swipe of mascara.

Because it’s winter and my lips are experiencing chronic dryness, I exfoliated first and added Aquaphor healing ointment to moisturize my intensely chapped lips. After a couple of minutes, I wiped off the excess.

color beauty routine bold purple lip lipstick

color beauty routine bold purple lip lipstick

Next, I lined my lips with a purple NYX lip liner and the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst layered over top of it, although the application is easy enough that a lip liner isn’t absolutely necessary. I applied two coats to ensure an evenly distributed bold color across my lips and no need for any touch ups!

color beauty routine bold eye shadow

Shimmery, Bold Eyes

A vampy lip and a shimmery, bold eyelid are the perfect combination to break out of the winter blues. I love this look for a night out and the drama of the eyes and lips play perfectly for a drink at the bar or out on a dinner date. This makeup look made me instantly feel bright-eyed and sexy if I dare say.

color beauty routine bold eye shadow

I picked two L’Oreal shimmery eye shadows to achieve the smoky, dramatic eye, as well as NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage because this formula is incredibly easy to apply, especially in rich tones that normally intimidate me. Why you ask? I don’t have a super steady hand and I need a formula that glides on, and the applicator lets me easily line my lips and fix any little mistakes I make.

Tip for making the color more intense and shimmery? Wet your brush first before applying.

color beauty routine bold eye shadow

Eyeshadows used:
L’Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow in Violet Beaute (violet colors work great for hazel/green eyes and loved the shimmery finish!)
L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow in Liquid Diamond. (The perfect loose eye shadow powder to add dimension to a dark, dramatic eye!)

Andrea Kerbuski is the fashionista behind blonde bedhead, a fashion and lifestyle blog featuring chic outfits, life’s inspirations and big hair. For more beauty and hairstyle tips, follow Andrea on InstagramPinterest and Twitter.

Make up for the shimmery bold eyes by Jessica Williamson
Photography by Maggie Vance and Merl Kinzie

The Best Athletic Shoes for Every Type of Workout


2017 is finally in full swing, which means your brand new resolutions probably are too. If you decided to focus on fitness this year, it’s important to ensure you’ve got the right shoes to succeed. Whether they’ll inspire you to meet your goals or you’re just in desperate need of an upgrade, here are the best athletic shoes to invest in (based on your favorite workouts).


1. Running

If your main form of exercise is running or jogging, opt for a lightweight shoe with a cushioned sole. To ensure the sneaker will be flexible enough during your workout, the pattern on the bottom should resemble a waffle iron. This design allows your foot to bend from toe to heel, but prevents it from twisting to either side (which could cause an injury).

Style Tip: If you’re running outside, don’t forget to bundle up! Keep your ears toasty with a headband or knit hat; then protect your hands with your go-to gloves or mittens. Be careful not to dress too warm, though – the temp will feel about 20 degrees higher when you start to sweat, and you don’t want to worry about shedding layers mid-run!


2. Strength training

If lifting weights is more your jam, choose shoes with a hard, dense sole – the thinner, the better. This will allow you to feel the floor, giving you the traction you need to create a strong, stable base. Avoid using your running shoes for this type of exercise. While their soft, cushiony soles are great for absorbing impact, they can cause instability when squatting or swinging your kettle bell.

Style Tip: Brightly colored gym attire is always an energy booster, so don’t be afraid go bold this season! If an understated look is more your style, pair a vibrant sports bra and socks with a neutral tank and leggings.


3. Cross training

If you love changing up your workout on the daily, shoes built for cross training are the best choice for you. Their X-patterned bottoms are built for changing direction, while their strong mesh sides protect your ankles from injury. Kick boxing, aerobics, Zumba and more? Bring it on!

Style Tip: Cowl neck sweatshirts are great for staying warm outside – but they’re also great for warming up in the gym! Start your routine wearing the cozy top, then take it off when you start to sweat. You’ll be ready to kick up your workout in no time!


4. Walking

Finally, if you prefer a brisk stroll over other forms of exercise, opt for shoes made specifically for walking. The kicks’ characteristics will closely resemble running shoes – the only difference is the soles are a little less flexible.

Style Tip: Another trend that’s not going away in 2017? Patterned leggings! Have fun with all sorts of prints and colors when choosing your bottoms. To ensure your athletic look doesn’t become too busy, pair them with a solid top in a neutral or matching tone.

Which workout has been your go-to so far this year?

How to Build an Active Wardrobe in Under $75

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Danielle of Lou What Wear to share how to build a brand new active wardrobe under $100, and how to stay stylishly on trend for your New Year’s resolutions!

Let’s be honest – sometimes New Year’s resolutions are a little vague. If I want to make any change, I need my goals to be more concrete. Two years ago, I made my New Year’s goal to run the Kentucky Derby Mini-Marathon. Now I’m running it back (no cheesy pun intended but I’m happy about it) and making it my goal for 2017. May even try to take it up a notch by attempting to finish faster than my first attempt! It’s a little ambitious, but I think it can happen.

meijer activewear workout gear style new year

Running long distances hasn’t always been my bag, but I re-found the joy in it last time I trained. Before then, you couldn’t pay me to run more than one or two miles straight. Now I actually enjoy (I know, I’m the worst) a good, long run.

meijer activewear workout gear style new year shoes

There’s something almost mind-numbing about it, in the same way I find coloring or doing a puzzle relaxing. Lately, I’ve been using the time to catch up on my favorite TV shows, so running for 45+ minutes is a breeze!

meijer activewear workout gear style new year

That’s not to say that I still don’t need a lot of motivation to get my butt on the treadmill. New workout gear has a somewhat magical way of making me actually want to work out. Yes, it’s totally ridiculous but I can’t be the only one that is motivated by new gear.

meijer activewear workout gear new year sports bra

I’ve recently gone on a bit of an activewear shopping spree, and this whole outfit was less than $100 (no like, WAY less than $100). Picking up this essential wardrobe was super easy at Meijer because they had such trendy choices for all my must-haves:

  • MTA Sport Legging ($12): I’ve worn these pants a few times already and everyone was so surprised when I told them they were a Meijer find! I love that the fabric allows for full flexibility, and the ombre design adds that little bit of extra motivation for hitting the pavement in style.
  • MTA Sport High Impact Sports Bra ($15): How cute is the back of this bra? I’ve been on a bit of a black and white kick lately, so this fits my personal style bill while adding that bit of back detail that makes the whole look come together.
  • MTA Sport Fast Drinks Tank ($11): The perfect top for showing off my fabulous new sports bra! The open back of this tank is also ideal for wicking away any worked-up sweat from my long run.
  • MTA Sport Sweatshirt ($23): This sweatshirt is beyond comfy. It may be getting more use for my trips to the couch than my trips to the treadmill (#sorryimnotsorry).

meijer activewear workout gear new year tank leggings

Yes, I may have veered into the activewear section on my last marathon shopping trip. It makes getting groceries way more fun when you come home with new gear.

meijer activewear workout gear new year

But back to the running, if anyone has a few great playlists or new shows to watch – send them my way. I’m going to need all the help (and by help I mean distractions) I can get!

Danielle is the fashionista behind Lou What Wear, a lifestyle blog showcasing personal style, whether that be home décor, beauty or fashion. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Photos by Danielle Martin – Chapter 25 Photography 

What’s in Your Gym Bag? All the Necessities You Need to Crush Your Next Workout


If hitting the gym on the regular is a new habit or resolution, it can be tough to remember exactly what to bring. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. From the best gear and apparel to our favorite snacks and shower supplies, here’s everything you should pack in your gym bag this year.


First things first… collect your workout attire.

Bold shades and prints remain a hot athleisure trend, so choose a bright (and supportive) sports bra to pair with your colorful, patterned leggings.

As for your top, a moisture-wicking tank is definitely the best choice. Your sweat will evaporate quickly and easily, keeping you cool and dry throughout your entire routine. It’s also a good idea to have a sweatshirt on hand – you might want it for your warm up or if you take your workout outside.

Finally, it’s always important to remember your athletic shoes and socks (unless you’re planning to practice your yoga flow, of course).


Next, pack your gym necessities. We’re talking post-workout snacks, shower essentials and more.

During your workout, you’ll need a water bottle and headphones. They’ll keep you motivated and hydrated until it’s time to cool down.

Post-workout, it’s important to have a high-protein snack (or two) to refuel. Energy bars, almond butter and fruit are all great choices. When it comes to re-hydration, opt for electrolyte-filled drinks in addition to your water.

When you’re feeling re-energized and ready to hit the showers, you’ll want to have lotion and a hair brush on hand. For pain-free detangling, pick up a Wet Brush at Meijer – they’re specially made for damp locks, so they comb through hair effortlessly.

Finally, if you don’t have time to shower, make sure to use a face wipe. It’s crucial to remove sweat from your skin to prevent breakouts!

Now that you’ve got your fitness essentials on lock, time to get to the gym and crush your next workout!

Beat the Winter Skin and Hair Blues

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Natalie of Natalie in the City to share her cold-weather hair and skin care regimen to keep her locks luscious and her skin glowing all winter long.


Winter takes its toll on everyone, but it may be affecting your skin and hair more than anything else. It doesn’t matter what skin type you were blessed with, freezing temps will dry out them all – and hair breakage is inevitable. So to prepare for the cold Chicago weather, I took a trip to Meijer to stock up on my beauty care must-haves.


I have combination/oily skin but, during winter, my skin is the furthest thing from oily, and blackheads become more evident on my entire face. To restore my natural oils and keep my pores clean, I add Garnier’s SkinActive Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub to my morning beauty routine two or three times a week. I massage it onto my face thoroughly then leave the invigorating scrub on for five minutes.



After rinsing the mask off, I apply Olay’s Complete All Day Moisturizer and SPF 15 for combination/oily skin. It’s critical that your winter beauty products contain SPF even if it’s gloomy outside. I also apply Olay’s Quench Ultra Moisture Body Lotion to my entire body twice a day to keep my skin moisturized and glowing.



When it comes to my hair, I have all the odds against me. My hair has made a transformation from dark brown to almost completely blonde in just one year; so keeping my hair moisturized during winter is a tough feat. I apply a Garnier Whole Blends avocado oil and shea butter mask to re-invigorate my strands three times a week in the evening. I get my hair wet before I shower and then I apply the mask generously, combing from root to tip until my hair is covered. Then I wrap my hair into a bun on top of my head and let the mask sit for 30 minutes.



After rinsing out the mask in the shower, I apply Whole Blends coconut oil and cocoa butter smoothing serum to fight frizz and nourish my hair.


With these hair and skincare products from Meijer up my sleeve, winter will not be getting the best of my beauty routine!


Natalie is the fashionista behind Natalie in the City, a fun lifestyle blog full of her adventures in plus size fashion, city life and beauty tips. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

New Year, New You: The Best Gear to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

No matter what healthy resolution you set for yourself in 2017, having the right gear could be the difference between abandoning your goals or celebrating at the finish line. Whether you’re a veteran yogi or a fitness newbie, pick up these healthy essentials to make sure you crush your resolutions – and look great doing it.

new year resolutions athletic gear women

If getting more exercise is a top priority, don’t roll the dice with whatever tennis shoes you have laying around the house. New running shoes with extra cushioning will protect your ankles (and knees!) from long runs, while low-profile training shoes will make sure you keep your form during weight training.

Beyond keeping you cool, technical fabrics in bright colors are an easy way to get in the mood for exercising. This year it’s all about neon, so skip the muted neutrals in favor of vivid pinks and greens to really make a statement.

Whether you’re practicing vinyasas at the studio or lifting hand weights during your favorite TV show, don’t forget to refuel when you’re done. Apples and bananas are a great source of vitamins, and if your workout was over an hour, grab a protein bar to tide you over until your next meal.

new year resolutions athletic gear men

If your beau’s resolution is to log less screen time, why not get the whole family involved? Try shooting hoops or organizing a touch football tournament for a fun way to get everyone’s heart rate up. Flip top water bottles are perfect for touting around, while protein shakes make sure he’ll recover in time for tomorrow’s rematch.

new year resolutions athletic gear

Whether you’re into sweet, savory or something in between, it’s never been easier to get the protein you need to fuel your resolutions. Experiment with different snacks to see which one you like best – from Greek yogurt to on-the-go smoothies, there’s a healthy option your family is sure to love.

Now that you’ve got the right gear, get out there and make 2017 your best year yet!

The 3 Best Makeup Tutorials for All of Your Holiday Soirées

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Tawny of Glamorously Mommy to share three essential makeup looks to try this holiday season, no matter how casual or elegant the event!

holiday makeup products

During the holiday season there are so many things to get excited about, such as giving gifts and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. But nothing – I mean NOTHING – gets me more excited than a holiday party!  As a lady who loves a good glam makeup session, I understand not everyone is up for all the glitz and glitter like me, so I’m going to show you three holiday makeup looks you can take from a daytime office holiday party to a nighttime black tie event.

For these looks, I wanted to create a basic foundation for the face, and an eye look that I could build upon.  So good news!  All of these looks were created with ONE eye shadow palette. I know that not everyone has more than one eye shadow palette so it was important that I didn’t use too many products.  Of course, all of these amazing products can be found at your local Meijer.

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate primer

In the first look, I kept it simple.  I started by prepping my skin with the Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate primer for hydrated, illuminated, healthy-looking skin.

Maybelline DreamLUMI Touch concealer in Honey

After applying foundation, color correct with Maybelline DreamLUMI Touch concealer in Honey.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere

I started this simple eye look by applying the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere all over the lid.

NYX Dream Catcher Palette

Next, I blend out the hard lines, using the light bronze eye shadow from the NYX Dream Catcher Palette for some dimension.  Then, I used my favorite mascara Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black.

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

To finish off the look I popped on a bright pink lip liner from NXY in the color pinky.  For a bit of shine, simply add NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.

The next look is just a bit more elevated.  I already had the basic eye look down, so I really didn’t have to do a lot to bump up the drama just a bit.

NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk til Dawn

Using the NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk til Dawn, I placed shade #6 in the outer corner of the eye for more of a smoky look.

NYX Two Timer Kohl Pencil

Liner is the key to defining any eye look and adding lots of drama. I used the NYX Two Timer Kohl Pencil to line the top lash line.  This eyeliner is really cool because it has two sides: one with a kohl liner great for smoking out any eye look, and one felt tip liner for a more precise application. Next, I popped on a bit of blush and highlighter for color.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss

Adding a bold lip is the perfect way to turn a simple look into a head-turning one.  I used a berry lip liner and added this NYX Intense Butter Gloss in toasted marshmallow for a bold berry lip that’s sure to get you noticed at any holiday party.

finished look two bold lip and eye makeup

This next look is for your fancy parties… or if you’re just a “fancy pants” like me.  Hey, there is nothing wrong with having a little formal in your life, right?

smoky eye holiday makeup

For this look, I wanted it to be something that wasn’t too over-the-top glitzy. Start by creating a deeper crease using the black eye shadow in the palette (shown above), darkening the outer crease of the eye and the lower lash line.  This will give the effect of a more defined, smoky look.  Using a small definer brush, lightly apply a small amount of black to the outer corner, blending it very lightly.

NYX Two Timeron

Next, use the NYX Two Timeron felt tip side to create winged eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye.

KISS #11 makeup eyelashes

Ladies, lashes are where it’s at!  You can add a pair of eyelashes to elevate any eye look, but especially a smoky eye.  I used the KISS #11 lashes for this look.

Milani High Voltage red lipstick

After that, I used Milani High Voltage red lipstick to jazz up the look!

holiday makeup look three

Well… There you have it! Three simple holiday looks perfect for any occasion this season.  Which was your favorite?

Tawny is the fashionista behind Glamorously Mommy, a style, fashion and beauty blog inspiring women to keep the glamour in mommyhood. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

The 7 Essential Holiday Hostess Gifts

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week we’re welcoming Lauren of Lake Shore Lady to prepare seven essential hostess gifts to bring to all of this season’s holiday parties.

striped reindeer mug

I’ve been saying this nonstop, but ’tis the season for holiday parties! I mean… I’m NOT wrong here! Even beyond just the parties – it’s really the season for hosting in general! House guests, cozy movie nights, drinks with the girls. No one wants to go outside (at least not in Chicago), so gathering in someone’s warm home pretty much always wins.

I usually like to bring some sort of gift, alcohol or food to the full blown parties, even if it’s just a bottle of wine. That’s a given. But let’s say you have a friend/family member who is ridiculously generous and always hosts gatherings at their place? You stay at their house every Christmas, or you eat their pretty cheese platters nearly every Friday night… if you can relate to this, then maybe it’s time to reward them!

But what to get?! What would be thoughtful, budget-friendly AND useful? Luckily, Meijer has a ton of incredible gifts for this very purpose. You could certainly give each of these pieces separately, but I thought it might be fun to pair some things together for different types of people, parties, personalities and relationships. So here we go!

cookbook with olive oil and candle

I love these goodies for a family hosting a party. This plaid tray is super festive and might even be used at the party you’re attending, which is always fun. Then, there’s the Modern Family Cookbook, which could be a new way to get the kids interested in cooking (especially if they like the show), plus the olive oil can be used in the process! And I threw a candle in there for the Mama, because she might need to relax after the party, am I right?

checkerboard tray with candle

Plaid Holiday Tray ($12.99)

Modern Family Cookbook ($14.95)

Canaan Olive Oil ($18.49)

Burts Bees Candle ($8.99)

reindeer mug with package

This is one of my favorite gifts in this roundup, because it’s perfect for the cozy hostess! She can set cookies out on the wooden platter, turn Elf or Home Alone on the TV and whip up some hot chocolate in this adorable (and huge!) new mug! Bonus: these wood coasters are so rustic looking that you could totally give them to a guy, too. Woo!

coasters with christmas mug

Wooden Platter ($14.99)

Holiday Mug ($6.99)

4 Pack Wooden Coasters ($8.99)

candle and blanket scarf

We all have a friend who loves candles and is always cold, do we not? Well this time, she pours the wine and you bring her this cinnamon candle and cozy blanket scarf! Easy peasy!

plaid blanket scarf and candle gift

Winter Scarf – Plaid ($20.00)

Woodwick Candle ($22.99)

cookbook and chocolate

A dessert cookbook and chocolate – this combo could work for literally ANYONE with a sweet tooth! And maybe they’ll invite you over again to try one of their cast iron creations…

magazine and chocolate

Cookbook ($12.99)

2 Divine Dark Chocolates ($2.99 each)

coffee and cheese platter

Cheese always looks more impressive on a pretty granite platter, and these coasters match it so beautifully! Now, I know coffee and cheese aren’t usually paired together – but most of my friends love both, so this combo seemed very logical to me. Anyone else?

striped coasters

Marble Cheese Platter ($14.99)

Starbucks Coffee ($8.99)

4 Pack Coasters ($10.99)

wine bag and bottle

Hello, fancy cocktail party! Everyone likes champagne, especially in a cute bag like this one. And instead of just bringing booze, this gold frame is a fun way to personalize the gift. Throw in a photo from their holiday soiree last year and they’ll want to put it right on the mantle!

wine bag with wine

Wine Bag ($4.95)

Segura Viudas Cava (not from Meijer)

Gold Picture Frame ($9.99)

christmas card book

And last but not least, sometimes you want to bring something for the cute little munchkins! Sure, they might not actually be hosting your stay or the party, but they sure do make the whole visit more adorable, right?!

christmas cookie cutter

Coloring Cards Book ($9.99)

3 Holiday Cookie Cutters ($3.99 each)

What do you like to bring as host/hostess gifts?

holiday cookie cutter

Lauren is the fashionista behind Lake Shore Lady, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


How to Have a Fun Family Night in the Kids Will Love

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

As the holiday season approaches, it can be hard to find time to truly focus on being home with your family. This week we’re welcoming Melissa from Melissa Takes Fashion to show us how to create a fun family night in with games, snacks and – of course – the perfect home necessities.

As a working, stay-at-home mom, I try my best to strike a decent work-life balance. That’s why I feel extra lucky to have a local store like Meijer that has everything I need (and more) under one roof. Especially during this busy time of year, redirecting any time saved “adulting” into quality family fun time is what’s most important to me.


Every holiday season, we like to set a few new traditions, as well as carry on old favorites. High on the kids’ list of oldies-but-goodies includes visiting Santa, riding the Polar Express train and spotting that cheeky Elf. New to our traditions this year is Family Night In.



We spend so much time running from one party or event to another that we just needed an excuse to slow down. (Of course, we use the term ‘Family Night In’ loosely – with three young kids, it begins around 4pm, which basically makes it senior citizen night!).



Our Family Night In consisted of board games and movies. Oh, and lots of yummy snacks. But you won’t find me turning frozen chicken nuggets into chicken nugget rainbows or sourdough pretzel nibblers into fancy Christmas pretzel snacks. I’m no Pinterest mom, so I don’t spend a lot of effort on the frills trying to make my food look picture perfect. Just toss it all into a pretty serving bowl and call it a day! Seeing my kids play, laugh, fight together – these are the IRL moments that I live for.


Here are 5 other easy ideas for a fun Family Night In:

1. Arts and crafts. Bet you didn’t know all the silly things your kids can make with a basic paper plate.

2. Family photos. Take turns snapping silly photos of each other. Then print out your favorites and hang ‘em up.

3. Scavenger hunt. Make a list of obscure things for your kids to find around the house.

4. Write a story. Start with one sentence, then let your little one tell the next sentence. Keep this up until you have a short story with a beginning, middle and end.

5. With the rising popularity of adult coloring books, parents can get in on this classic childhood activity. Sit around the dining table, color together and let the conversation flow.


We stocked up on everything we needed from Meijer for a successful Family Night In. I got an assortment of the kids’ fave snacks and drinks, comfy clothes for everyone, Pie Face Showdown the game, and Finding Dory the movie – and best of all, I was in and out in under an hour! Next time you go to your local Meijer, keep these tips close at hand and don’t forget to check out the fish tanks. My kids love watching the fish!

What are some of your family’s favorite holiday traditions? Do you prefer to stay in, and if so, how do you make staying at home fun for everyone?

Melissa is the fashionista behind Melissa Takes Fashion, a blog full of lovely style, beauty and family tips. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

5 Ways to Relax During the Holiday Season


Between family get-togethers, shopping for gifts and maintaining your daily routine, we all know that the holiday season isn’t completely stress-free. While it’s always important to make time for yourself to relax and unwind, it’s especially crucial to do so during this busy time of year. So if you’re in need of a little TLC, here are a few easy (and affordable!) ways to de-stress this season.


1. Swap your usual body wash + lotion combo for a nature-inspired scent, like Bodycology’s cherry blossom or Calgon’s Hawaiian ginger. The aromas are understated, yet crisp and fresh, so you’ll feel totally reinvigorated when you step out of the shower.


2. Take a long, warm bath before you hit the hay, adding lavender-scented Epsom salt for an extra-soothing effect. Use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin while you soak, then apply Dr. Teal’s lavender body lotion after you towel off to keep your skin hydrated. If your skin is scorched from the brisk winter air, apply body oil instead of lotion – it’s a more concentrated form of hydration to soothe extra dry skin.


3. Give yourself a DIY facial. Prep your skin with your usual cleanser before applying a brightening clay mask. Try the Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Treatment Mask from L’Oréal to revive dull skin, or opt for an exfoliating charcoal mask to remove dead skin cells. Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes, and then remove it with warm water using circular motions. Finish with a fragrance-free face moisturizer, and you’ll look like you have your holiday list handled.


4. If your hair appears dry and brittle from the cold, use a mask like Garnier Whole Blends to revitalize your strands. After washing your hair with your go-to shampoo, apply a generous amount of the treatment to your locks. Make sure you cover your hair from root to end, then let the mask work its magic by leaving it on for three minutes. The rich repairing treatment strengthens hair and helps prevent split ends and breakage, making it even easier to style for those upcoming holiday parties.


5. Finally, light a few candles, get lost in your favorite book and treat yourself to some dark chocolate and a warm cup of herbal tea. The hot drink will be a welcome break from the brisk, chilly air, and the candle’s sounds and aromas will soothe your stress away.

With these simple tips, it’s never been easier to stay relaxed throughout the holiday season!

How to Make Your Holiday Look Sparkle

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

With the holiday season officially underway, many of us are stressing about what to wear to our plethora of December parties. To ease that stress in style, this week we’re welcoming Candace of Live, Love and Read to show us how to create brand-new holiday looks by simply adding the must-try accessories of the season.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday officially under our belts, we can welcome December with arms wide open! I’m still in awe of how quickly December arrived this year. It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating the beginning of 2016 and suddenly here we are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year AGAIN!


While I am certain we all love the holiday season for different reasons, there is one thing most of us gals have in common and that is creating the ultimate holiday wardrobe. If we are being completely honest with ourselves, most of us do not have a dedicated wardrobe collection for our annual roundup of holiday soirees. And guess what? There really isn’t any need to when we have JEWELRY. Accessories are a simple, sure fire way to instantly transform a look without breaking the bank.  Oh – not to mention – accessorizing provides you with an opportunity to showcase your unique personal style.  Now that holiday festivities have arrived, here are a couple ways you can make your holiday look sparkle!

Look 1: The Golden Hues



Not every holiday party is a fancy one. Sometimes you just need that perfect dressy-casual look with the right accessories to make a statement. When it comes to holiday style, we tend to gravitate toward the usual red, green and black combination and forget all about the pretty golden hues that also represent the holiday season. Rather than going for what’s comfortable, I encourage you to explore everyday accessories like bangles and simple earrings in gold.


When styled with the right pieces, gold can make the perfect holiday statement without trying too hard.  It’s very subtle, but impactful. Rather than stacking with one bangle, layer with three to make an even larger statement.


Also incorporate a large cocktail ring for an extra pop of sparkle! If you choose to go this route for any of your upcoming festivities, be sure to go with a soft pink or nude lip to really heighten the golden hues of your accessories.



Falls Creek Sweater

Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans

Massini Crossbody Handbag

Fine Jewelry Earrings

Fine Jewelry Cocktail Ring

Fine Jewelry Bangles

Cover Girl Lipstick (Color: 340 Delicious)


Look 2: The Classic Statement Earring


I will forever say this until my dying days, but sometimes less is more! When creating a holiday look that involves print, opt for the classic statement earring.  You want the print to be the focal point of the look and not the jewelry.


Since this dress is a mock neck, I opted for a medium size statement earring with silvery crystals to ensure this look had that holiday-esque feel.



While less is most definitely more, I love the idea of wearing simple jewelry pieces to make the look feel even more complete. A simple bracelet and a set of stackable rings is a great way to finalize a busy holiday look without overdoing it.



Heartsoul Dress

Hypo-Allergenic Earrings

Hypo-Allergenic  Stackable Rings

Shine Adjustable Bracelet

Sock Trends Tights

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Color: 09 Abu Dhabi)


Look 3: The Festive Bib Necklace



Yet another way to give your holiday look that extra pop of sparkle is by layering with a bib necklace. Incorporating a bib necklace is pretty for those holiday looks with simple necklines, like this cold shoulder top.



With the tiniest hints of rose gold sparkle in this necklace paired with these bar earrings, a bangle and a bold red lip transitions this look from fall to holiday in no time.



Soul Cake Cold Shoulder Top

Hypo-Allergenic Necklace and Earring Set

Hypo-Allergenic Bangle

Sock Trends Tights

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Color:  20 Copenhagen)

Accessories allow us to define the exclamation points of our personal style. So use that power this holiday season to create looks that you’ve never done before! Always remember that style is a way to speak without ever uttering a word. Allow your accessories to play an active voice in that conversation.  Just remember to be intentional in accessory choices and to simply be YOU!

Happy Holidays and Happy Holiday Styling!

Candace is the fashionista behind Love, Love and Read, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.