8 Things You Need to Host an Instagram-Worthy Fall Picnic


While summer may have come and gone, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors before the first frost hits. We’re talking lazy afternoons in the backyard with a cozy blanket or two and your favorite fall snacks to really celebrate the season. So grab your besties and get ready for a picture-perfect get-together everyone is sure to love. To give you some inspiration for a cozy afternoon, here are eight essential items that every fall picnic needs – all available now at Meijer.

1. Neutral Picnic Blanket

Skip the classic checkerboard blanket and opt for a neutral tan or brown blanket. The understated, simple style will allow your picnic décor to really shine. Make sure the throw is thick enough to give your guests some extra comfort, like a king size quilt. That way you’ll be sure to have a welcome layer between yourself and the cool ground.

2. Fall Florals

Once you have your blanket laid out, frame your picnic space with fresh, natural accents – this is an outdoor picnic, after all! Choose fall floral arrangements like mums and heleniums from the Meijer garden center, featuring your favorite autumn colors.

Roosevelt Group (www.roosevelt-group.com)

3. Rustic Baskets and Serving Platters

Worried about getting your décor set up or carrying glasses to your picture-perfect picnic? Wicker baskets work great for outdoor events, especially with rustic rope handles. Serve snacks on rope-lined wooden serving platters or in wooden serving bowls for a natural complement to your outdoor event.


4. Outdoor-Safe Drink Dispenser

Since cider is a must for any fall gathering, put it on display in a plastic drink dispenser. Add slices of apples and cinnamon sticks to bring the flavors to life, and let guests serve themselves with an easy-to-use spout.


5. Mason Jar Glasses

For a unique way to enjoy cider, skip traditional tumblers in favor of rustic mason jars. For an extra cute touch that your guests will love, decorate the jars with a simple twine bow.


6. Chic Throw Pillows

Since picnics are notably sans table and chairs, bring throw pillows so your guests can get totally comfortable. Pick two hero colors in various prints and solids (we love plaids and stripes), incorporating neutrals like white and grey to add even more dimension to your décor.


7. Cozy Blankets

If your soiree is going to last until sunset, don’t forget to bring extra blankets to keep your guests cozy. A large wicker basket makes set-up a breeze, while allowing you to bring plenty of blankets for everyone. Throw in your favorite book or magazine and swap favorites with your friends.


8. Your besties

The best thing about a picnic is the people you share it with, so always invite your friends (and take lots of creative pictures!).

You’re covered when it comes to fall picnic essentials, so now it’s time to plan your ensemble! Here are a few autumn outfit ideas perfect for your next event.

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Color Crush: Turquoise Necessities for College

As fall transitions us to cooler months, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for fall weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Meghan from Lincoln Park Minute to share her favorite color for decorating her college apartment this year—turquoise!

I’m headed back to school for my senior year at DePaul University and I can’t believe it’s already here, but thanks to a recent shopping trip at Meijer, I feel quite prepared in all aspects.

I picked up a ton of great stuff all in a common color: turquoise. Lately I’ve adored turquoise because it’s so bright and fun, and it makes adding color to anything and everything so easy. Blue is also an incredibly calming color, which we can ALL use during school and the stress it often brings.


For school itself, I knew I needed to stock up on a lot of things. For example, I needed a few new tech accessories so I grabbed this sparkly Incipio Design Series case for my iPhone 6/6s and JVC gummy headphones. My phone is regularly in my hand so seeing the blue sparkly pattern instantly lifts my mood. Of course, I can use my headphones with my phone or laptop since they’re always in my purse ready to go.



When it comes to class and studying, there are so many needs! For desk basics, I grabbed this gorgeous blue Mead Cambridge Edition 80 sheet notebook, Maped tattoo soft scissors, LockerLookz 4 piece magnet set, a Sharpie, and Scotch matte tape. Because my desk is white, I love the pops of turquoise each of these items bring to it. To store my books, I used this Whitmor resin weave basket—it really helps keep things looking organized.


I bought another of the same basket to stow away on my built-in bookshelf too—I love how well it matches.



I also grabbed this bright Brita sport water bottle with a built-in filter—I always need to have a water bottle with me whether I’m working out, in class or studying. Speaking of studying, I bought a 2 pair pack of Simple Pleasuries cozy socks to wear while I work on things for class (who can say no to fuzzy socks?).

Outside of school and studying, I really needed to brighten up my apartment overall so I got a few décor items in that turquoise blue I kept seeing all over Meijer. Can you tell I love this color?



In the kitchen section, I stumbled upon the cutest, bright turquoise kitchen items: a berry colander and a Pyrex 4 cup glass storage container. Sometimes I use the colander as storage in my fridge too. Just be sure to put a paper towel underneath to collect any excess water!



In my bedroom, I prefer to have a cute and brightly decorated nightstand. It’s a great place to put a photo, like I did with this Malden International Designs 4×6 frame, because I see it every day when I wake up and go to sleep. Next to it, I have a Studio Nova turquoise rope handle glass tea light holder that looks nice on my desk as well. Like many of the other items, these can both be placed in practically any part of a dorm or apartment.

Now that my space is much more colorful, each and every day is somewhat brighter too. I’m incredibly happy about my finds! What color are you stocking up on this season?

Meghan is the fashionista behind Lincoln Park Minute, a blog full of fun style, beauty and lifestyle tips! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Back-to-College 101: 5 Must-Have Bedding Basics

Every year when you head back to school, college becomes your home away from home. If you move into an apartment, it’s easy to transfer your basic room necessities, but if you move into a dorm, things can quickly get a little trickier. You can’t take your bed from your house to your res hall – but luckily for you, we know everything you need. Here are 5 bedding basics to snag before first semester:


1. Since you’re not always in control of the thermostat in your dorm, it can be tough to regulate your body temp when you sleep. To ensure that you’re never too hot or too cold, invest in an Allerease Ultimate Protection & Comfort Down Alternative Pillow. It’s light, fluffy and super-high tech, adjusting to warm you up or keep you cool when you need it.

2. We’re all guilty of eating snacks in bed sometimes, so protect your stuff from spills with an Allerease Ultimate Protection & Comfort Zippered Breathable Pillow Protector. Thanks to this soft, comfy pillowcase, you can relax with munchies and Netflix after class without a worry!

3. Dorm room mattresses are almost never comfortable, so add a Room + Retreat 5 Zone Foam Mattress Topper for extra padding. You’ll be glad that you did (and regret it if you don’t!).

4. Remember the strange bed cover your mom put under your sheets? It’s called a mattress pad – and it’s a basic bedding necessity! Prevent the collection of dust mites, pollen and common household allergens with an Allerease Hot Water Washable Mattress Pad.

5. Finally, to prevent a hefty damage fee if anything happens to your mattress, invest in a simple, yet durable Allerease Zippered Mattress Protector. It’s waterproof and bed bug proof – nothing’s getting past this thing!

Now that you’ve got your bedding basics figured out, here are 4 trendy ways to decorate your dorm room.

Back-to-College 101: Dorm Room 4 Ways

Move-in day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start shopping for your dorm room décor. It’s important to create a space that reflects your personality – so whether you’re preppy, carefree, casual or modern, here are four trendy ways to decorate your dorm room this year.


1. Preppy Chic

For a bright, trendy dorm room, mix bold, summery colors with simple, feminine prints. Choose one or two shades as the foundation of the space, then add glamour with stylish neutral accents. For the perfect complement to this chic look, opt for faux fur décor, geometric patterns and metallic gold details.

Shopping List:

Medallion print throw pillow

Pin-tuck comforter

Geometric table lamp

Mel “Be You Tiful” Photo Clipboard


2. Carefree Boho

When it comes to boho dorm décor, there’s no wrong way to mix and match. Play with color, patterns and texture to create a carefree vibe that’s unique to you. For an extra touch that’s especially personalized, feature your favorite quote or phrase on a wall or throw pillow.

Shopping List:

Tie-Dye Motif Comforter

Stick Lamp with Gold Leaf Lamp Shade

“Own Kind of Beautiful” Wall Art

Three Hands Metal Accent Table


3. Relaxed Plaid

Since most dorms don’t allow its residents to paint the walls, a much-needed punch of color needs to come from your décor. Choose a bold comforter or rug to give your room some personality – then add a casual, rustic touch with a nature-inspired wooden side table.

Shopping List:

Tonal plaid comforter

Essex Slice Round Table

Artissimo Captain America Madbomb Comic Cover Canvas Print

Tripod Table Lamp


4. Modern Geometric

To avoid creating a space that looks uninviting or outdated, the key is to mix cool and warm colors. Elegant neutrals (like gray, white and black) look great with sunny shades (like yellow and orange). For a trendy look that is perfectly modern, opt for geometric patterns like chevron and checker.

Shopping List:

Geometric chevron comforter

Essex Slice Round Table

Stick Lamp with Gray Chevron Lamp Shade

For additional dorm décor inspiration, check out DIY projects perfect for your first place and 10 trendy back-to-college necessities.

Back-to-College 101: Trendy Dorm Necessities

Packing for school can be stressful, especially if it’s your freshman year. So many things can be easy to forget – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 13 trendy items that are back-to-college necessities:


1. When you’re headed to campus to study or do homework, it helps to have portable computer accessories along. The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard connects to your desktop, smartphone or tablet, making it easy to type no matter which device you use. For the ultimate convenience when you’re headed out with your laptop, be sure to grab a Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse.

2. Speaking of techy accessories, never leave your dorm without a trendy Incipio iPhone 6 Phone Case or Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds. The earbuds come equipped with a built-in microphone, so it’s easier to take calls when you’re out and about.

3. If you’re gone for a while and need lunch on the go, the Rubbermaid Fasten + Go Soup Kit is a great, simple solution. Say goodbye to bulky lunch boxes and hello to this compact container!

4. Most importantly, don’t ever forget the coffee. Invest in a travel mug so that much-needed boost of energy is always readily accessible.

5. When you finish your essay and it’s time to print it for your prof, make sure to have an HP 60 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge on hand. Or, go digital with a PNY 16GB Compact USB.

6. You’ve got your shower caddy ready for when you get home, but towels are always easily forgotten. Choose a few in colorful patterns and you’ll be good to go!

7. To ensure the little sleep you will get is exceptional, invest in a Room & Retreat ‘Back to College’ Sherpa Throw and sleeping mask. It will probably make waking up for your 8 a.m. tougher than it already is – but it’s so worth it, we promise.

8. When those early morning classes do come around, count on an iHome Portable Alarm Clock Speaker System to get you up and moving. It allows you to set more than one alarm at a time (while conveniently doubling as your back-up phone charger).

9. To keep your alarm clock running and save yourself some cash, splurge for a pair of Duracell rechargeable batteries. They can hold charge for up to a year!

10. Finally, if anything ever breaks – might as well fix it in style! Grab some Printed Duct Tape® in Arabesque for all your dorm room needs.

With these trendy necessities, you’ll be ready as ever to head back to college!

Easy DIY Décor Ideas Perfect for Your First Place

One of the best things about a new season is that it’s a great opportunity to refresh your home décor. Whether you’re moving into your first dorm or simply redecorating your place, here are 5 simple DIY projects to help you personalize your space:

1. Create-your-own wall art


Whether it’s a picture of your cat or your favorite city, this DIY wall art is a simple, unique way to show your personality. For an art-deco look, use Adobe Photoshop to create multiple versions of the same photo in different colors. Then, head to Meijer and print each picture as a large wall cling – they’re easy to apply, remove and arrange, and they’ll add a trendy touch to any room in your home.

2. Art for the floor


Layering rugs that contrast in color, pattern and size is an easy way to add interest to your floor. Not only does this technique highlight the seating area of your apartment, but it also gives you flexibility when you decide to refresh your décor. Swapping out one (or both) rugs can change the look of your space in no time.

3. Tape picture frames


Many apartments and dorms restrict tacks or nails in the wall, which makes it pretty tough to hang your favorite pictures. For an inexpensive, fun alternative to traditional frames, create your own with Scotch Expressions Washi Tape. It comes in a variety of colors and can be written on with pen, pencil or marker, so personalizing your living space has never been easier!

4. Indoor crate garden


Use assorted storage containers to create custom wood cabinets for your plants and collectibles. In addition to greenery that varies in shape and size, include extra décor to add a crafty, rustic twist. Think small frames, wooden letters and earthy accents.

5. DIY bookends


For days filled with homework or taking your job home, it helps to have a space dedicated to concentrating. To add color and fun to your own personal creativity corner, build DIY bookends out of candy-filled jars. (They’ll also provide a much-needed sugar rush during late night study breaks.)

Now that you’ve got your dorm décor on lock, finish prepping for back-to-school with shower caddy essentials and easy second-day hair styles.

Dorm Décor Ideas: 6 Quick Ways to Brighten Your Space

We’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to showcase their favorite back to school looks. From style trends to décor tips, we love seeing how these fashionistas gear up for the year ahead.

It’s important to feel at home in college, so this week we’re welcoming Alexis from That Chic Lex to share her favorite tips to make your dorm room cozy, comfortable and functional.

This summer has flown by and it’s that time again to think about back to school. Dorms aren’t always the best living situation thanks to their plain walls and cramped living space, but there ARE ways to make it your own and love the experience. So why not make the most of it this year, whether you are a college freshman or senior, and add fun and personal flare to your décor with these tips I use to decorate my own space.

Photo 1

Every college student needs a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, so why not get one that’s multi-purpose—one that reflects your personal style and keeps your water chilled. This Cantini water bottle from Meijer is adorable and a perfect choice.

Photo 2

Nothing makes a statement like a print. This coaster from Meijer is perfect for adding flare to a plain and basic dorm room. Whether it’s used functionally for a drink next to your bed or placed under a succulent, it does the job of adding liveliness to a room.

Photo 3

Dorms are rather small, so you’ll have to take advantage of space as much as you can. This Room and Retreat tray from Meijer can be used all different ways. My favorite use is for décor. Placing books, succulents, and my journal on the tray keeps everything organized and looks put together. The color will go with any room theme and can be used next to you on a bed or couch or futon while you’re working, or will look nice on your desk.

Photo 4

I love accessories! I mean who doesn’t? Marble is all the rage right now, so why not try it out in accessories. This long necklace from Meijer is perfect for back to school. It pairs perfectly with these gold sunglasses, also from Meijer, which are a must have for tailgates or walking to class.

Photo 5


Having to share a bathroom with a couple of people can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be cute. These Hip Style towels from Meijer are the perfect way to liven up your bathroom. The bold monocratic prints will go with any color and still make a statement.

Photo 6

Matching towels pull a theme together even more. Keep them organized in this Room and Retreat metal basket from Meijer. The basket can be used for absolutely anything so if you already have a designated place for your towels, use it for extra storage!

A dorm is your home away from home, so be sure to make sure it reflects your personal style—you’ll be more comfortable and productive. Next time you’re shopping, try using these tips to make your dorm your own!

Alexis is a fashion merchandising student at Central Michigan University and the fashionista behind That Chic Lex, a blog full of fun style and beauty tips. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

The Perfect Wedding Party Gift Idea

Mother's Day Meijer 10-01

With summer comes the official start of wedding season! Whether you’re getting married or part of an all-star bridal party, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. Luckily, Melissa from The Bee’s Knees gave us an easy idea to show your friends just how thankful you are to have them in your life. Check out this step-by-step tutorial for a creative gift that’s sure to make the bride or wedding party feel special.

Mother's Day Meijer 11

Mother's Day Meijer 2

First, you’ll want to start by selecting gifts that can be used long after the wedding. Melissa loves gifting jewelry paired with something personalized. A tassel necklace is an on-trend accessory that everyone’s sure to love, while a monogramed mug ensures the recipient thinks of you every time she enjoys a cup of coffee.

Mother's Day Meijer 4

For a gift this special, skip the wrapping paper and gift bags – instead, make the wrapping a part of the gift itself. Right now we love everything cream-colored, so pick up a neutral scarf to act as an eco-friendly satchel that’s sure to be used again.

Mother's Day Meijer 5

Begin by laying your scarf out on a table and placing your gifts in the center. We put the earrings and necklace inside the mug for easy wrapping.

Mother's Day Meijer 6

Now, take the two opposite corners of the scarf and tie them together in the middle over the top of your gift.

Mother's Day Meijer 7

Repeat by tying the last two corners of the scarf, meeting in the middle to create a tousled bow.

Mother's Day Meijer 8-01

Chalk markers and twine make the perfect rustic-chic nametag – simply tie around the scarf for an Instagram-worthy present.

Mother's Day Meijer 9-01 (2)

From bridal parties to bridal showers, this easy (not to mention inexpensive!) gift is sure to let your friends know how much they mean to you.

How to Host the Perfect Backyard BBQ

This summer, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to showcase the season’s hottest trends. From style trends to home décor tips, we love seeing how these fashionistas celebrate the warm weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Melissa from The Bee’s Knees to share her favorite products and best tips for making guests happy during your summer backyard barbeque.


I don’t know if anyone appreciates summer more than Michiganders. We put up with the cold months, sure, but when summer makes its debut, it’s a glorious occasion worth celebrating. We’re serious about our backyard barbeques and today I’m going to share how I like to celebrate mine.

First you have to begin with the perfect table setting. Meijer makes this SO easy as they carry a large variety of adorable outdoor entertaining merchandise. It was so hard to settle on just a few items—I wanted to buy them all!


These cups, plates, and bowls are so fun! I love that they’re all different patterns with similar colors. It brings a creative vibe to the table.




This anchor tablecloth is vinyl and great for easy cleanup when things get messy. Come on, people, it’s a barbeque—things are bound to get a bit messy, right?


This ice bucket was one of my favorite finds! I love the metal and wood look and it kept our ice nice and cold all day. Score.



I chose this pitcher because I liked that it was a durable plastic and also somewhat see-through. The Country Time pink lemonade from Meijer looks attractive in it! I also sliced up a few lemons (for looks) and juiced part of them into the lemonade mix. Yum!


For cutlery, I chose to use the disposable Mozaik heavy weight plastic variety because the utensils look real but there’s no washing required after the party. Wink. Just toss them when you’re through! I wrapped my Mozaik cutlery in some Meijer 3-ply dinner napkins and tied them with burlap twine from the craft department.

Once you’ve got the table situated, start thinking about ambiance and ways to make your guests feel comfortable. I chose the following to help with this:


When my guests arrive, chances are that I haven’t even fired up the grill yet. Or maybe I am cooking but it’s going to be a while before we eat. I always like to have something to offer my guests right away and I’ve found that a chilled container of sparkling water is a great go-to option. It’s refreshing, hydrating, bubbly, and makes you feel like you’re getting away with something without drinking soda—no calories here! I chose La Croix’s coconut sparkling water. It’s my personal favorite and very refreshing on hot days!


My next item on the guest comfort list—corn on the cob holders! This may sound simple, but who likes trying to butter blazing hot corn on the cob with their bare hands? Ouch. These are ‘essential’ for any backyard barbeque.


Lastly, considering ambiance, I chose these original Tiki Torches for display around the yard. Their purpose is twofold: 1) they create a beautiful ‘glow’ as the sun sets and 2) they help keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Both great reasons to invest in some torches for the backyard!




Cheers to a fun barbeque season ahead! I hope you’ll incorporate a few of these ideas into your backyard this summer.

Melissa McBride is the fashionista behind The Bee’s Knees, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and DIY. Follow Melissa on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

XO Mrs. Measom’s Spring Color Crush

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips to home décor suggestions, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming KJ from XO Mrs. Measom to share her favorite color to add to her home décor for spring—blue! As she shows us below, blue is perfect for adding pops of color to your living space and there’s a variety of ways to incorporate this season.

I am a lady who loves my neutrals. White, taupe, beige, cream. I love these muted hues because they allow me to play around with prints and textures without being too loud. They also create a beautiful blank canvas for me to add to each season without having to overspend.



With the warmer weather upon us, it was time to brighten up our home with some pops of color. The color of this season seems to be blue, in all its variants. From bright cobalt to a soft turquoise, you can’t pass an aisle of Meijer without something blue catching your eye.



My first tip is to play with blue accessories such as this teakettle, or these stunning blue crystal cups. Mixing in these bold shades will have any visitor feeling like they’re on a beautiful island, catching some rays. They’ll be thinking beachy thoughts, and you’ll find that adding these tiny splashes of color makes all the difference in inspiring that warm weather mood.


I embraced the bold blue in this American flag pillow I found, showing off my patriotic side, and waiting for the Fourth to find its way. I even layered a brighter turquoise chalkboard behind it to pull out more of the royal blue. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shades of blue together. They’re so complementary, you can’t go wrong.


Speaking of mixing and matching, I also love the look of mixing in prints and textures. I took plaid and striped dishtowels, in the same blue tone, and together they made such an eye catching duo.




The more I played around with the blue, the more I realized it was almost more of a neutral! It could go with something as bright as this coral, in a high intensity print like the chevron, and still be classy and chic.


Something about the blue really pulls out the color and layers of whatever you pair it with. These place mats made the white bowl, the apples, and the wood all make sense. Apples never looked so good!

From soft robin’s egg blue to richer navy hues, it’s no wonder this versatile hue is the “it” color of the season. Just add a few splashes to each room in your home, and you’ll be ready for the sunny days ahead.

KJ is the fashionista behind XO Mrs. Measom, a lifestyle blog full of tips for beauty, fashion, recipes and much more. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Melissa from The Bee’s Knees to share a super cute gift idea for the special woman in your life for Mother’s Day—and she shares a special touch to show her how much you care.

Mother's Day Meijer 10

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I’ve always enjoyed spoiling my own mother but this year is extra special as it’s my first year celebrating as a mother myself!

Here’s a creative way to make mom feel special this Mother’s Day. Skip the wrapping paper and gift bags; scarves are a fun and practical way to spice up your gift-giving routine!


Mother's Day Meijer 11

Mother's Day Meijer 2

First you’ll want to start by selecting the perfect gifts. I chose this beautiful necklace and earring combo along with a monogrammed mug from Meijer. I love the marble detail on the necklace along with the gold accents! Meijer’s jewelry has been amazing lately. And a mug is a perfect gift option for mom, as she’ll think of you whenever she enjoys her tea or morning coffee.

Mother's Day Meijer 4

Next you’ll need to select a scarf to wrap your gift. I chose this cream colored one from Meijer. Make sure it’s large enough to fit your entire gift.

Mother's Day Meijer 5

Begin by laying your scarf out on a table and placing your gifts in the center. I put my earrings and necklace inside the mug for easy wrapping.

Mother's Day Meijer 6

Now take the two opposite corners of the scarf and tie them together in the middle over top of your gift.

Mother's Day Meijer 7

Repeat by tying the last two corners of the scarf to finish wrapping your gift.

Mother's Day Meijer 8

I wanted to add a little flair so I picked up some cute nametags, chalk markers and twine from the Meijer craft section to label my Mother’s Day gift.

Mother's Day Meijer 9

Finished product! And since there’s nothing like fresh flowers, I paired my scarf-wrapped gift with these sweet begonias. They’re beautiful and so cheery! I always love the selection of fresh flowers Meijer carries.

Mother's Day Meijer 10

I hope you’ll give scarf wrapping a whirl this Mother’s Day! You’ll leave mom with something she can wear all year as a memory. And if you’re a mother out there reading this—Happy Mother’s Day!

Melissa McBride is the fashionista behind The Bee’s Knees, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and DIY. Follow Melissa on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

The Best Ways to Add Natural Elements into Your Home Décor this Spring

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips to home décor suggestions, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Tieka from Selective Potential to share her favorite ways for bringing natural elements into your home to celebrate the season.

Spring is upon us — finally! Now is the perfect time to start bringing natural elements into your home and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors while inside. Think potted plants, floral scents, wood textures, marble and earthy colors. I love updating my home for each season, and spring is no exception.

clay and yellow potted cactus plant

plant in an earthy, textured pot

I was excited to head to Meijer to pick out a few home decor items to spruce up my space! I picked up two new potted plants — a colorful cactus trio that came in the cutest clay and yellow pot, and a plant in an earthy, textured pot. They have tons of plants, both for indoor and outdoor use. I’m excited to head back and get flower pots for our front porch.

Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Elements candle

WoodWick Reed Diffuser in Driftwood

As for scents this season, I’m loving anything woodsy and floral. This Essential Elements candle in Lavender and Cedarwood is the perfect subtle scent to bring a little spring inside! I also love WoodWick’s Reed Diffuser in Driftwood. It reminds me of the beach and helps me look forward to lazy days at Lake Michigan this summer.

wood and marble serving platter with grapes

close up of wood and marble serving platter

natural tablescape with wood and marble platter and potted cactus plant

Spring and summer are also the perfect seasons to start entertaining more. These wood and marble platters are perfection. They are surprisingly heavy and really high quality! Pick up some cheese, crackers, fruit and wine right at Meijer, and you have the perfect spread for entertaining guests.

closeup of potted cactus plant with Market-To-Table striped table runner

cork top jar on table

To add a little pop of color, I picked up this Market-To-Table Table Runner. I love the earthy and seaside color combo. I also love this cork top jar for storing treats — you could even fill with sand or rocks for a natural look!

Meyer’s Clean Day dish soap and hand soap

Meyer’s Clean Day daily bar soap

And finally another favorite brand of mine is Meyer’s Clean Day… they have amazing products! Right now I’m loving the Lavender, Honeysuckle and Geranium scents. Available in bar soaps, hand soaps or dish soaps, and even cleaning products… they are the perfect scents for spring!

Tieka is the fashionista behind Selective Potential, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room Spring-Ready for Less than $100

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they style this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to home décor tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas make trends all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Jess from The Golden Girl to share her décor tips for spring. If you’re looking to refresh your living space on a budget, Jess shares some simple tips that make a huge difference.

It’s official–spring is here! Can you believe how fast time flies? While it feels like yesterday you were putting away all those holiday decorations, the flowers are now beginning to bloom and temperatures are (slowly but steadily) rising.

You’ve likely got your spring cleaning to-do list ready to go–you know, deep clean the baseboards, finally get around to dusting those blinds, clean out the closets–but what about your decor? While cycling out your decor each season might sound expensive, it can actually be much more affordable than you think!

The easiest place to start with a spring refresh is your living room. After all, this is where all the action happens, right? From movie nights to family gatherings, the living room is the heart of your home, so why not give it a little something extra this spring? With these easy tips, you can give it a quick and easy seasonal refresh for less than $100!

Before 1

After 1

1. Add a pop of pattern with throw pillows

Looking to make a big impact for just a few bucks? Throw pillows will quickly become your best friend! I went with this patterned pair, which adds a powerful punch of personality to my otherwise neutral sofa. I also love the deep blue color, which gives the space a cool, fresh vibe that is perfect for the changing seasons.

After 4

2. Bring in the outdoors

One of the easiest ways to make your space feel new again is to bring in the outdoors. Meijer’s outdoor department has plenty of options to do just that–whether you’re looking to make a statement with a potted palm, or you prefer something smaller, like this mini succulent garden enclosed in a wooden vase–plants are an easy way to create visual interest–plus, they keep the air fresh, too! If plants aren’t your thing, something as simple as a vase of beautiful flowers (Meijer’s floral department has plenty to choose from!) will do the trick.

Before 3

After 9

3. Mix up your decor

“Refreshing” your decor for warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be bright or “springy”–sometimes simply bringing a new style into your decor mix will give you a lot of bang for your buck! For example–is your space mostly traditional and contemporary? Throw in a couple vintage-inspired pieces, like this rustic milk jug and wire basket, to shake things up. Gone are the days of matching furniture and decor–mixing different styles will give your space a fresh, eclectic vibe!

After 6

4. Freshen up your space with a springy scent

When it comes to redecorating, we always think visually, but scent is a powerful part of the process, too! It can be the difference in your home feeling warm and cozy, or open and airy! So put away the pine tree, cinnamon, and warm vanilla scented candles, and go with something bright and punchy–like this Burt’s Bee’s grapefruit candle. If I could describe the scent of “spring” in a candle–it would definitely be this one. Meijer has hundreds of scent options to add the finishing touches to your new room.

After 3

After 7

What are your favorite ways to refresh your space for spring?

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Springtime Garden Party with Charmingly Styled

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they style this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to home style tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take the latest trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Maya from Charmingly Styled to share quick springtime entertaining tips for a get-together with friends. From delicious snack spreads to fun & flirty cocktails, Maya shows us her ultimate garden themed party to kick off spring.

Meijer-Garden-Party (2 of 19)

Although it’s far from being spring here in Chicago, I’ve been prepping for warmer weather by pre-emptively celebrating the season. From reorganizing my closet, to investing in freshly cut flowers, my home is feeling a little springier even if the outside isn’t quite ready to cooperate.

To get into the spring spirit, I had a few girlfriends over for a snack session last weekend by throwing a little garden themed party with my favorite dining accessories from Meijer. Even though I have my own condo in the city, I still have most of my kitchen utensils and accessories from my old college apartment days, so it was clearly time for a refresh just in time for spring (out with the old and in with the new, right?!) It was so nice to swing by Meijer to pick up a few garden inspired goodies to make my home a little more get-together ready!

Meijer-Garden-Party (9 of 19)

The Spread:

As someone who doesn’t consider herself an up and coming contestant on the latest cooking show, I decided to keep things simple with drinks and snacks for when my girlfriends came to visit. As a born and bred Wisconsinite, I take my cheese and crackers very seriously, so I picked up a few of my favorites at Meijer (including my favorite Sartori Asiago cheese with rosemary) as well as crackers and my favorite Skinny Girl popcorn.

Meijer-Garden-Party (10 of 19)

Meijer-Garden-Party (18 of 19)

For drinks, I made a cranberry sparkling water cocktail for my friends who weren’t ready to welcome Sunday morning with mimosas by mixing 1-part sparkling water and 1-part cranberry juice. But for my more adventurous friends, I popped a couple of bottles of champagne and opened up a few cans of Izzie with colorful straws for a little flair.

Meijer-Garden-Party (7 of 19)

Meijer-Garden-Party (8 of 19)

The Décor:

To give my party the springy vibe it needed, I picked up a few of my favorite wood dining accessories – like this gorgeous marble and wood cheese board, a wooden bowl for drinks and a rustic punch glass dispenser (something I’ve always wanted for entertaining friends and family!)

Meijer-Garden-Party (13 of 19)

Meijer-Garden-Party (15 of 19)

Flowers are always a must-have for any spring setting, and I loved putting them in this pretty white vase on my table setting to add a little color to the scene. I also scooped up some new Burt’s Bees candles to make the table smell a little more summery – and I especially loved the fresh summer melon and grapefruit scents! It’s so nice that all of these Meijer pieces are not only classic, but also super affordable – definitely a win-win when it comes to decorating for parties!

Meijer-Garden-Party (6 of 19)

Meijer-Garden-Party (14 of 19)

If you’re looking to celebrate the warmer weather, definitely stop by Meijer to check out their amazing selection of home décor pieces for an upcoming party! Speaking of, have any fun parties coming up soon? We’d love to hear about them!

Lilly Style’s Spring Color Crush

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Lilly from Lilly Style to share her favorite color for spring—pink! As she showcases below, pink is the perfect color to welcome warmer weather and there’s a variety of ways you can incorporate it into your style this season.

Rose Quartz collage photo

It comes as no surprise that the Pantone color of 2016 is Rose Quartz.

For me personally, pastel colors equal spring. Since my #1 favorite color, gray, is not overly spring-like, I’ll share my second favorite color—pink. I haven’t met a shade of pink I didn’t like. I think I have managed to acquire every nail polish in all shades of pink. I find pink to be such a happy color and pale pinks to be very soothing.

Now, not everyone is a fan of pink and some shades are prettier than others. Even those who are not big fans of brighter pink colors might agree that blush/pale/rose pink are beautiful and a lot easier to work with.

Pink complements an array of colors. It’s so easy to incorporate not only into your wardrobe but also to your interior décor.  It looks great with white or heather gray. For a bigger contrast, pair it with charcoal gray or navy. Even black!

If you like pink but are not quite ready to incorporate into your wardrobe just yet, start small…like a soft pink scarf, nail polish or pink lipstick. You can’t really go wrong there.

During almost every trip to Meijer for groceries, I end up in the beauty section looking at nail polishes or lipsticks. In one of my recent trips to Meijer, I picked up this pretty soft pink nail polish by Essie in Muchi, Muchi (the navy color is in Midnight Cami).

Essie soft pink nail polish in Muchi, Muchi and Essie navy nail polish in Midnight Cami

Here are all the other ways I’m celebrating pink this season:


Fresh flowers are one of those things I have a hard time passing up while grocery shopping.  I love having fresh flowers in my home…they’re so cheerful and brighten everything up.

fresh pink flowers in pots


A travel pillow will be an essential for my upcoming trip in May.

pink travel pillow


I’m always drawn to light pink shades of lipsticks. 90% of my lipstick collection consists of pink and nude shades.

pink makeup essentials

Free Time

Dark chocolate M&M’s and ridiculously good ideas go hand in hand.

pink dark chocolate M&M's and ridiculously good ideas book


I fell in love with these New Balance sneakers in the Meijer shoe department. Not only are these perfect for working out, but I also love wearing sneakers with jeans and tees.

pink workout gear and new balance sneakers


These are the perfect flats to welcome warmer weather. This pale pink works with absolutely any color.

pale pink flats

And Just For Fun

Here’s how to keep dog toys neatly organized. Zoey approves 🙂

pink dog toy organizer

What is your favorite color for spring?

Lilly is the fashionista behind Lilly Style, a blog full of style tips and seasonal must haves. Follow Lilly on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.