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Massini by Stacy London

“I am excited to work with the Massini line because the designs inspire women to create a look all of their own, there’s a common misbelief that trends only look good on a specific body type or are limited to youth. This is not true. There are no limits. You can wear a trend regardless of your age or body type. I love helping women connect the dots.”


Stacy London is a style advocate for every woman, a pioneer and a staple in the world of fashion. The renowned style expert became a household name co-hosting the popular TLC show, What Not to Wear and is the author of The Truth about Style, a New York Times Bestseller. Throughout her expansive career, the fashion maven has made it her mission to empower women everywhere to look and feel their personal best.

“Stop exhausting yourself hoping, wishing, praying to be someone different, and take pleasure in knowing that you are who you are, in all your fabulous uniqueness. Go about the business of working with that real body to create a style you love and can love your shape in.”


Massini by Stacy London

Massini, a Meijer brand, is on a mission to provide women the trends they want, and the freedom to make them their very own. The Massini woman loves to make a statement without saying a word. That’s why Meijer invited fashion expert Stacy London to collaborate on Massini styling. The latest Massini line allows women to look and feel their personal best – with on-trend styles in every size, from small to 3X.

Stacy London Styles Lauren

Lauren gets a personalized styling session with renowned style expert Stacy London.

Stacy London Styles Melissa

Melissa gets a personalized styling session with renowned style expert Stacy London.

Stacy London’s Spring Style Pick: Pant Details

“More than any skill or talent, caring about people, listening to them and cheering for them is the only path to success.”

Stacy London