Last-Minute Halloween: DIY Scarecrow

As Halloween quickly approaches and endless costume ideas come to mind, we armed Lauren from Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood with a Meijer gift card and challenged her to create a cute and simple DIY Halloween costume for those last minute planners.

Running behind on Halloween costume planning this year? With just two weekends left before Halloween, we’re all starting to feel the time crunch. Combined with the fact that Halloween is on a Saturday this year, and it’s extra motivation to have a great costume to get in the festive spirit.

Instead of spending tons of money and time making a costume to wear for one night, consider shopping for something you can wear on a daily basis and look great on Halloween in.

Enter a few of fall’s hottest trends at Meijer: Boots with fringe, flannel shirts and floppy hats. What do these items have in common? Paired with jeans, face paint and some store-bought straw, they are perfect for a DIY Scarecrow costume for women. Best of all? No sewing and minimal time required!

DIY Scarecrow Costume Items

DIY Scarecrow items to shop for:

  • Floppy hat
  • Cute boots
  • Flannel shirt
  • Jeans or jeggings
  • Face paint and black pencil liner
  • Mini straw bale (found in the Halloween department)

Pro Tip: Buy a larger flannel shirt if you plan to be outdoors in cooler temps. This will allow layering underneath for extra warmth!

DIY Scarecrow Make Up and Hat

The most critical part of the costume is the make-up, which is extremely easy to do and will instantly set the mood for the type of scarecrow you’d like to become (happy or scary, for example). Simply use a black eyeliner pencil (or liquid liner) and an inexpensive face paint palette from the Halloween department to access a variety of colors.

  1. Begin by drawing on stitches to make a triangle nose, accentuate the eyes underneath, and create a mouth with the pencil. You can also use the black liner pencil to draw stitches on your face and neck, as needed.
  2. Then, use your finger or a small make-up sponge to dab the face paint to make circle cheeks and a colorful nose. Make sure to choose colors that will best complement your skin tones and stand out – red or orange tend to be great colors for a fall-inspired scarecrow. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  3. Once the costume has been assembled and the face paint applied, don’t forget to get even more into character by stuffing straw in your sleeve openings and under your hat.

Pro Tip: Unscented baby wipes are great to have nearby in case you mess up and need to start fresh. They are also perfect for removing face paint and eyeliner at the end of your night out!

DIY Scarecrow Costume for Women

There you have it – a quick and simple DIY scarecrow costume, shopped for entirely at Meijer and made with items that can easily be worn throughout the fall. This is just one example of a DIY costume idea that proves shopping for Halloween doesn’t have to be for just one night out.

Lauren Weber blogs at Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood, a website dedicated to family fun in southeast Michigan and beyond. When she’s not chasing her three young children, she’s drinking coffee, working from home, and seeking out her next adventure.

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