The Best Summer Hair Products to Combat Humidity

This summer, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to showcase the season’s hottest trends. From style trends to home décor tips, we love seeing how these fashionistas celebrate the warm weather.

We love using natural products to breathe new life into our beauty routines, so this week we’re welcoming Sam from Samantha Elizabeth to share how she uses different oils to keep her hair silky smooth no matter how humid it gets.

The Midwest has been experiencing a late spring/early summer heat wave and the humidity that comes along with it can be a tad unbearable at times. While I love summers in the Midwest, my hair definitely does not. I fight the urge every day to admit defeat and just throw it up in a ponytail, but thankfully I’ve recently found products to help me wear it down.



One of the main ways that I like to battle the frizz and fluff is with hair products that aim to moisturize and smooth. I found two great items from Meijer that help me get the job done. In order to wear my hair down on these beautiful summer days; I use a two-step process, which includes using products in wet hair, and then adding a little bit on finished dry hair.


While I am in the shower I shampoo and condition my hair as usual, then while still in the shower I use a quarter size amount of Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In-Shower Oil in my palm and run it through my hair, being sure to focus on the lower half of my hair so that I don’t get too greasy up toward my roots. (Use a dime size amount if your hair is thin, I have very thick hair so the more the merrier for me!) I let the oil sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly. This product is wonderful because it nourishes and repairs, which adds moisture and also smoothes my hair cuticles so that I am set and ready before I start styling.

Once I get out of the shower, I comb through my damp hair and use Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Oil focusing on applying a dime to quarter size amount on the ends. Next, I use a blow dryer on my roots to keep the volume but let the rest of my hair air-dry to limit the heat and reduce frizz. After styling my hair, I use the just a littlest bit of the Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Oil again to finish the look! I love this product because it contains coconut oil and cocoa butter extracts, which I can feel penetrating my hair immediately as I apply it. It also smells amazing and adds shine, giving me the sleek look I want without weighing my hair down.



After I am finished styling my hair, I head out enjoy the weather with limited fear that I’ll end up looking like a poodle by the end of the day. I highly recommend using hair oils to style your hair with confidence this summer. Bring on the humidity!

Sam is the fashionista behind Samantha Elizabeth, a blog full of lovely tips for beauty, style and DIY, as well as home décor how-to’s and cooking recipes. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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