3 Ways to Style a Geometric Print Dress

We don’t know about you, but while we still love high temps, we’re itching for fall fashion. In fact, we’ve already started building our cool weather wardrobe. One of our favorite pieces is a sleeveless, printed dress – and we love it so much that we can’t wait to wear it! Buy Now, Wear Now is the trend of the summer, so we can rock this look no matter what the season. Want to turn your favorite dress into a perfect style transition piece? Here are three easy ways to do just that.


When the weather is still hot and humid, pair your dress with a few simple accessories. They’ll add detail to your look without adding layers – keeping you cool and stylish all at the same time. Stick to playful, metallic bangles and classic, strappy flats for a fall-inspired look you can start wearing right now. To make your look more cool weather-friendly, trade your flats for ankle booties and tie a jacket around your waist. A solid, neutral fabric like leather or denim will keep you warm when it gets chilly and won’t clash with your dress.


When the days are getting cooler and the air is getting crisper, make sure to stay warm by adding leggings to your look. Roll up the bottoms so they rest above your ankle, then grab short boots in a similar shade. For the perfect final touch, put your jean jacket on – it will help balance out the length of the leggings!


Finally, if you find yourself torn on an in-between day, opt for flats instead of boots, but hold onto your jacket. Toss it over your shoulders so it’s easy to remove (and give an effortless vibe to your chic fall look).

Now that you’ve got your dress style on lock, discover 3 trendy ways to wear colored jeans – another style we can’t wait to wear this season.

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