Back-to-College 101: 5 Must-Have Bedding Basics

Every year when you head back to school, college becomes your home away from home. If you move into an apartment, it’s easy to transfer your basic room necessities, but if you move into a dorm, things can quickly get a little trickier. You can’t take your bed from your house to your res hall – but luckily for you, we know everything you need. Here are 5 bedding basics to snag before first semester:


1. Since you’re not always in control of the thermostat in your dorm, it can be tough to regulate your body temp when you sleep. To ensure that you’re never too hot or too cold, invest in an Allerease Ultimate Protection & Comfort Down Alternative Pillow. It’s light, fluffy and super-high tech, adjusting to warm you up or keep you cool when you need it.

2. We’re all guilty of eating snacks in bed sometimes, so protect your stuff from spills with an Allerease Ultimate Protection & Comfort Zippered Breathable Pillow Protector. Thanks to this soft, comfy pillowcase, you can relax with munchies and Netflix after class without a worry!

3. Dorm room mattresses are almost never comfortable, so add a Room + Retreat 5 Zone Foam Mattress Topper for extra padding. You’ll be glad that you did (and regret it if you don’t!).

4. Remember the strange bed cover your mom put under your sheets? It’s called a mattress pad – and it’s a basic bedding necessity! Prevent the collection of dust mites, pollen and common household allergens with an Allerease Hot Water Washable Mattress Pad.

5. Finally, to prevent a hefty damage fee if anything happens to your mattress, invest in a simple, yet durable Allerease Zippered Mattress Protector. It’s waterproof and bed bug proof – nothing’s getting past this thing!

Now that you’ve got your bedding basics figured out, here are 4 trendy ways to decorate your dorm room.

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