Back-to-College 101: Dorm Room 4 Ways

Move-in day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start shopping for your dorm room décor. It’s important to create a space that reflects your personality – so whether you’re preppy, carefree, casual or modern, here are four trendy ways to decorate your dorm room this year.


1. Preppy Chic

For a bright, trendy dorm room, mix bold, summery colors with simple, feminine prints. Choose one or two shades as the foundation of the space, then add glamour with stylish neutral accents. For the perfect complement to this chic look, opt for faux fur décor, geometric patterns and metallic gold details.

Shopping List:

Medallion print throw pillow

Pin-tuck comforter

Geometric table lamp

Mel “Be You Tiful” Photo Clipboard


2. Carefree Boho

When it comes to boho dorm décor, there’s no wrong way to mix and match. Play with color, patterns and texture to create a carefree vibe that’s unique to you. For an extra touch that’s especially personalized, feature your favorite quote or phrase on a wall or throw pillow.

Shopping List:

Tie-Dye Motif Comforter

Stick Lamp with Gold Leaf Lamp Shade

“Own Kind of Beautiful” Wall Art

Three Hands Metal Accent Table


3. Relaxed Plaid

Since most dorms don’t allow its residents to paint the walls, a much-needed punch of color needs to come from your décor. Choose a bold comforter or rug to give your room some personality – then add a casual, rustic touch with a nature-inspired wooden side table.

Shopping List:

Tonal plaid comforter

Essex Slice Round Table

Artissimo Captain America Madbomb Comic Cover Canvas Print

Tripod Table Lamp


4. Modern Geometric

To avoid creating a space that looks uninviting or outdated, the key is to mix cool and warm colors. Elegant neutrals (like gray, white and black) look great with sunny shades (like yellow and orange). For a trendy look that is perfectly modern, opt for geometric patterns like chevron and checker.

Shopping List:

Geometric chevron comforter

Essex Slice Round Table

Stick Lamp with Gray Chevron Lamp Shade

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