How to Celebrate Your Natural Hair Texture: 3 Essential Products for Your Best Hair Day

As fall transitions us to cooler months, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for fall weather.

This week, we’re welcoming Andrea from blonde bedhead to share her tried and true process for skipping all those heat styling tools and wearing her curly hair down with its natural texture. She’s tested a lot of products and shares her favorites for manageable, smooth hair.

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I spent years fighting my natural hair texture, which resulted in a long phase of awkward hair. I’ve come a long way since then, finding the best products that hydrate, smooth and enhance the curly hair. I’m so happy to share my finally accomplished no-fail, quick process to rocking your natural hair texture!


Must-Have Hair Products:

Suave Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Penetrating Oil

Biolage Gelee All-Purpose Gel


Since my hair is still recovering from bleach damage and because it has a dry, curly texture, I’m thrilled Suave’s Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner provides moisture without weighing my hair down. This is a newer product and I wanted to try another affordable line, since I go through so much shampoo and conditioner. I keep the conditioner in my hair for at least 5 minutes while I wash my face and shave my legs—the extra time pays off, leaving my hair feeling extra smooth.

Once I’m out of the shower, I dry off my hair by patting the towel on my hair, not rubbing. Rubbing it with the towel or putting your fingers in your hair too much creates more frizz, so I quickly pat the towel on my hair from root to tip.


Next, I immediately apply an oil or serum. I love any of the serums by Frizz Ease, but I recently tried OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Penetrating Oil for dry or coarse hair. There honestly isn’t a better description for my hair: dry AND coarse. I love this line, but had not yet tried this oil until recently and it’s quickly become a new favorite. It adds some serious sheen and restores my dry ends. Be sure to use this product more towards the ends of your hair where it’s the driest (AKA the frizziest)!

The last step is gel! When I say gel, it might conjure up images of crunchy hair that looks stiff and lifeless. But, gel can be a curly hair girl’s best friend if you find the right product and use the right amount. I’ve tried different gels throughout the years, but my number one, tried-and-true product is Biolage Gelee All-Purpose Gel. It has a firm hold, but it doesn’t dry out the hair or leave it crunchy and stiff. It makes my curls soft and bouncy! The product really helps eliminate frizz and enhance the natural curl. I take penny sized amounts and apply to sections of my hair to ensure I’ve coated almost every strand, concentrating most of the product at the ends of the hair to make sure I don’t weigh down the top. I’ve been using this product for 15 years and once I realized it’s available at Meijer, it’s saved me a trip to the beauty store. So. Convenient.

And I always let my hair air dry to keep it healthy and allow the natural curl to shine!

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