8 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

When it comes to seasonal fashion, there are certain fall essentials that never go out of style – plaid tops, ankle booties, bomber jackets, and (perhaps our personal fave) the cozy blanket scarf. There are endless ways to style this versatile accessory, and the way you tie can affect your entire ensemble. So if you’re in need of some scarf style inspiration, here are 8 ways to wear this season’s comfiest closet staple.


1. The Wrap – For a simple, traditional look, loop your scarf around your neck until there are no loose ends. If it gets too bulky, tuck the ends into your jacket to hide them instead.

2. The Pull-Through – Bring the two ends of the scarf together, creating a loop on the opposite side. Place the scarf behind your neck and pull both ends through the loop, making it as tight (or as loose) as you’d like.

3. The Bandana – Lay the scarf flat on your table or floor; then fold it in half so it forms a triangle. Wrap the scarf around your neck from the front, backwards. Finish the look by bringing the ends around to the front, and tucking underneath the main triangle or into your jacket.


4. The Toss – For a cozy, carefree look, place the scarf behind your neck and toss one end over the opposite shoulder. Let the loop hang loose instead of pulling it tight.

5. The Shawl – Pull the scarf wide and wrap around your shoulders, tying the ends in front to hold in place. This poncho-esque look will keep you totally warm!

6. The Belt – Loosely drape the blanket scarf over your shoulders, cinching it at the waist with a wide elastic belt. This creates the illusion of a jacket or sweater, but is easy to take off or style differently if you choose.


7. The Classic – Starting from the front, toss the scarf back over either shoulder. Then, grab each end and pull around the opposite side, letting them hang loose.

8. The Twist – Just like the Classic, but with a trendy twist! Tie the ends together to form a loose knot, bringing a fun update to this traditional style.


If looping and twisting isn’t your thing, opt for printed ruana instead. This update to the classic blanket scarf has all the cozy and none of the tying woes. With easy toggles and a built-in hood, the ruana is a foolproof way to try the trend and rock some comfy plaid this fall.


How will you style this autumn accessory trend? Tell us your favorite way to tie in the comments!

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