3 Stylish Ways to Wear a Knit Hat

With snow and low temps comes the need for winter gear – knit hats, cozy mittens, blanket scarves and everything else that keeps you nice and toasty. While we can usually rock these accessories without cramping our style, caps are notorious for creating the ever-dreaded hat hair. Instead of heading out into the cold without this important accessory, try one of these three easy hairstyles that turns your winter hat into a fashion necessity.


1. Messy Pig Tails

These symmetrical braids aren’t just trendy and fierce – they also provide a way to keep your hair under control. Cold weather can make your locks prone to static and frizz, but this style makes it easy to manage every flyaway strand. Whether you’re spending the day on the slopes or out and about with your friends, pig tail braids look great with a knit winter hat.

Style Tip: To create a look that is full and voluminous, stop braiding a few inches above your ends; then pull the strands loose from bottom to top. Once you get inside, shake out your hair for a messy, bed-head style.


2. Asymmetrical Faux-Fishtail

Instead of a sleek pony, opt for a fishtail braid pulled to hang over one shoulder. To achieve this easy, hat-friendly look, split your hair into two equal pieces. Then twist them loosely, pulling to the front and over one shoulder as you go. This style works great with a traditional braid as well – just pull the style loose after securing with a hair band to create an intentionally disheveled look.

Style Tip: To keep your locks on point even after the cap comes off, try this introverted fishtail/French braid hybrid. Goodbye, hat hair!


3. Voluminous Waves

The secret to escaping hat hair is to avoid styling your strands in the exact same way when you’re wearing your hat as you do when you’re not. If you want to wear your hair down, just flip it all over one shoulder in an extreme side part before you put the knit hat on. Then, once you’re back indoors, flip your hair back to your normal middle or side part and your hair will look as voluminous as ever. Viola!

Style Tip: Keep a lightweight aerosol spray in your purse for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.

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