How to Style Your Favorite ‘90s Necklace

You probably remember chokers from your childhood – from a stretchy, faux tattoo to the classic black ribbon – but this season, the ‘90s trend is back and better than ever. This retro accessory is an edgy outfit staple, and we can’t get enough of all the different ways to wear it. For an updated spin on this throwback essential, here are three must-have ways to wear a choker this fall.


Stick to the classics

This simple style was popular for a reason! To achieve a chic, sophisticated look, opt for a classic black choker in velvet or faux leather. Style it with any of these essential fall shades to create the perfect balance between the accessory and your top. But be careful pairing a choker with this season’s high neckline trend – you don’t want it to turn into an unintentional turtleneck.


Layer your favorites

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: layering will always be a staple of fall trends. Mix necklace styles and textures to add variety to the look while keeping the overall color scheme the same throughout. Try a black ribbon choker with a metallic gold pendant, paired with a dainty gold chain and a black faux tattoo. It’s the perfect combination for a girly grunge ensemble!


Create contrast with colors and textures

To add even more dimension to your layered autumn look, vary color and metal choice when pairing these accessories together. Berry shades look great with your staple metallic jewelry, so grab a short chain to complement a colorful choker. If you’re looking to add yet another detail, slide a dainty pendant onto either necklace.

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