The 7 Essential Holiday Hostess Gifts

As winter’s chill sets in, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear the season’s hottest trends. From style tips to makeup trends to home décor, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas gear up for winter weather.

This week we’re welcoming Lauren of Lake Shore Lady to prepare seven essential hostess gifts to bring to all of this season’s holiday parties.

striped reindeer mug

I’ve been saying this nonstop, but ’tis the season for holiday parties! I mean… I’m NOT wrong here! Even beyond just the parties – it’s really the season for hosting in general! House guests, cozy movie nights, drinks with the girls. No one wants to go outside (at least not in Chicago), so gathering in someone’s warm home pretty much always wins.

I usually like to bring some sort of gift, alcohol or food to the full blown parties, even if it’s just a bottle of wine. That’s a given. But let’s say you have a friend/family member who is ridiculously generous and always hosts gatherings at their place? You stay at their house every Christmas, or you eat their pretty cheese platters nearly every Friday night… if you can relate to this, then maybe it’s time to reward them!

But what to get?! What would be thoughtful, budget-friendly AND useful? Luckily, Meijer has a ton of incredible gifts for this very purpose. You could certainly give each of these pieces separately, but I thought it might be fun to pair some things together for different types of people, parties, personalities and relationships. So here we go!

cookbook with olive oil and candle

I love these goodies for a family hosting a party. This plaid tray is super festive and might even be used at the party you’re attending, which is always fun. Then, there’s the Modern Family Cookbook, which could be a new way to get the kids interested in cooking (especially if they like the show), plus the olive oil can be used in the process! And I threw a candle in there for the Mama, because she might need to relax after the party, am I right?

checkerboard tray with candle

Plaid Holiday Tray ($12.99)

Modern Family Cookbook ($14.95)

Canaan Olive Oil ($18.49)

Burts Bees Candle ($8.99)

reindeer mug with package

This is one of my favorite gifts in this roundup, because it’s perfect for the cozy hostess! She can set cookies out on the wooden platter, turn Elf or Home Alone on the TV and whip up some hot chocolate in this adorable (and huge!) new mug! Bonus: these wood coasters are so rustic looking that you could totally give them to a guy, too. Woo!

coasters with christmas mug

Wooden Platter ($14.99)

Holiday Mug ($6.99)

4 Pack Wooden Coasters ($8.99)

candle and blanket scarf

We all have a friend who loves candles and is always cold, do we not? Well this time, she pours the wine and you bring her this cinnamon candle and cozy blanket scarf! Easy peasy!

plaid blanket scarf and candle gift

Winter Scarf – Plaid ($20.00)

Woodwick Candle ($22.99)

cookbook and chocolate

A dessert cookbook and chocolate – this combo could work for literally ANYONE with a sweet tooth! And maybe they’ll invite you over again to try one of their cast iron creations…

magazine and chocolate

Cookbook ($12.99)

2 Divine Dark Chocolates ($2.99 each)

coffee and cheese platter

Cheese always looks more impressive on a pretty granite platter, and these coasters match it so beautifully! Now, I know coffee and cheese aren’t usually paired together – but most of my friends love both, so this combo seemed very logical to me. Anyone else?

striped coasters

Marble Cheese Platter ($14.99)

Starbucks Coffee ($8.99)

4 Pack Coasters ($10.99)

wine bag and bottle

Hello, fancy cocktail party! Everyone likes champagne, especially in a cute bag like this one. And instead of just bringing booze, this gold frame is a fun way to personalize the gift. Throw in a photo from their holiday soiree last year and they’ll want to put it right on the mantle!

wine bag with wine

Wine Bag ($4.95)

Segura Viudas Cava (not from Meijer)

Gold Picture Frame ($9.99)

christmas card book

And last but not least, sometimes you want to bring something for the cute little munchkins! Sure, they might not actually be hosting your stay or the party, but they sure do make the whole visit more adorable, right?!

christmas cookie cutter

Coloring Cards Book ($9.99)

3 Holiday Cookie Cutters ($3.99 each)

What do you like to bring as host/hostess gifts?

holiday cookie cutter

Lauren is the fashionista behind Lake Shore Lady, a blog full of lovely tips for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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