The Easiest Last-Minute Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

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This week we’re welcoming blogger Kendall Rayburn to share how to put together the perfect gift your mom will love this Mother’s Day.

Hello, there! Today I have the honor of hanging out here on the Meijer Style blog to share my tips for putting together the perfect Mother’s Day gift! I absolutely love shopping Meijer for gifts because I can get everything I need in one stop.

I spent about an hour browsing my local Meijer for the perfect picks for Mother’s Day, and I can’t wait to show you what I found! I got gift items, tissue paper, a card – everything I needed for the perfectly packaged Mother’s Day gift. Now, let’s put it all together!

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

Choosing the Container:

When choosing the gift container, keep your recipient in mind. Like me, my momma loves all things rustic, and I just knew she’d go crazy for this cute wooden box. It has twine handles on either side, and she can re-purpose it after opening her gift (how cute would this be in a guest bathroom to hold hand towels, toilet paper and soaps?)

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

Personalizing the Gift:

Think about your mother or mother figure: what kind of things do they love? What would they want to receive? For my mom (and almost every other mom on the planet) photos of loved ones really are at the top of their list.

I picked up these adorable frames with the same rustic look as the box and added in two photos. One frame has a photo of my boys holding hands, the other is a photo of my mom with both boys at a hot air balloon festival. It was such a special day, and it’s also a tradition (we go every year), so I know she’d love this photo to remember it all.

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

One thing I inherited from my mom was a love of coffee. I spotted this super cute mug that’s full of color and flowers – perfect for my Mom’s gift.

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

Meijer also has a variety of these hilarious little signs. This yoga one really rings true to me because my mom and I have been talking about joining a yoga class for months and still haven’t, so I know this is going to make her laugh!

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

What’s something that all moms love? CANDLES. I found this adorable hammer copper candle that is multi-use. Once you’ve burned the candle, simply clean out the inside and plant the tag in some dirt to turn it into a planter – so cool!

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

I also picked up this peace + tranquility candle, which is perfect for lighting while taking a long soak in the tub, or just anytime relaxation is needed (which, for most moms, is often!)

easy present gift idea mother's day mom candle peace tranquility

My mom loves plants, and this adorable faux succulent was perfect for her gift because it’s something she can keep forever. No need to water this little guy, he’ll stay as green and adorable as the day it was bought. The planter it’s in is also super trendy with a modern, cement look. If you want to personalize this even further, you could decorate the outside (or have your kiddos add their handprints).

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

Choosing the Card:

It’s so hard for me to choose a greeting card. I have to read about 15 of them before I settle on the perfect one. Sound familiar? My husband always jokes that my cards always make people cry, and I guess it’s kind of true. I mean, who wouldn’t want to choose a card that makes the recipient actually feel something real?

easy present gift idea mother's day mom card daughter

Wrapping it Up:

I love putting everything together into one package after shopping! My favorite material to incorporate is tissue paper because it adds that extra bit of oomph to make the multiple gift ideas feel like one present. For this gift I chose two tissue papers: one plain white and one patterned with small white hearts. I thought the mix of beige and white perfectly fit the items in the gift, and that overall rustic feel.

To properly package the gift, I always start by laying down a few sheets of tissue paper in the container before arranging items (tallest and biggest items in the back), and then fan out the excess paper at the edges of the gift.

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

Didn’t this gift turn out so cute? I used all of the tissue paper to add height to different items, and made sure to add some behind the frames as well to give it a little flare. That heart-patterned tissue paper is just so cute and perfect for the holiday!

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

I cannot wait to gift this to my momma this weekend – she is just going to love it! If you’ve still got Mother’s Day shopping on your to-do list, be sure to stop by Meijer to pick up everything you need!

What are YOUR plans for Mother’s Day?

easy present gift idea mother's day mom

Kendall is the fashionista behind Kendall Rayburn, a blog focusing on the “real” family-focused experiences. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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