4 Ways to Take Your Gym Outfits to the Next Level with Athletic Details

We’ve talked gym bag essentials, the best shoes for every workout and even how to build an active wardrobe for under $75, but now it’s time to take our athletic wear to the next level. How, you ask? It’s easier than you think – and (literally) all in the details! From sheer fabric and cutouts to bold leggings and accents, we’ve got all the secrets to elevating your trendy gym style.

Open Back

Open-back tops are great for two major reasons: 1) They’ll let the breeze in during outdoor summer workouts and 2) There are endless ways to subtly show off your personal style. You could display a trendy sports bra with intricate racerback details, or opt for a bra with shoulder straps for an understated look. Whichever option you choose, don’t forget the sunscreen (or risk a back full of crazy tan lines post-sweat sesh)! Want a few extra style points next time you hit the gym? Pair this top with printed leggings that feature small, sheer openings.

Mesh Details

To spice up your active wardrobe in a more subtle way, choose a top that features mesh fabric along the hem of your sleeves. The best part about this tank? It’s breathable AND stylish. A few years ago mesh was just intended to keep you cool, but now, it’s a fashion statement and a must-have gym staple. Don’t be afraid to pair this look with bold leggings – the sheer fabric may be understated, but it won’t be overshadowed! Just make sure the pants’ pattern features the shade of your trendy top (or go simple with a solid bottom, if you’d prefer).

Statement Leggings

While it may seem like this trend is not for the faint of heart, we assure you anyone and everyone can pull it off! The key is to pair printed bottoms with a simple, solid top – either in a neutral shade like grey or a bold, matching tone. For example, this outfit (modeled by Andrea Kerbuski of Blonde Bedhead) would also look amazing with a lime green shirt!  TBH, leggings are one of our favorite athletic trends, both for summer and all year ‘round! Brightly colored gym attire is always an energy booster.

Bold Accents

Finally, a super easy way to incorporate simple, summery details is to marry your neutrals with your favorite accent color! This outfit features a bright peach hue from sports bra to shorts, which creates a bold undertone and we’re totally here for it. You could also incorporate your accent shade a few additional ways, like on your shoe laces, a headband or a hoodie tied around your waist. The opportunities are endless when it comes to this trend!

A great workout is guaranteed when you look and feel good, so get these essentials in your closet ASAP.

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