Back-To-School Blues

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, so we’re partnering with some of our favorite bloggers to show us how they – and their kids! – style the season’s top trends. This week, we’re welcoming Lauren of Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood to share her tips and tricks for taking your kiddos school shopping.

This fall starts a new chapter for our family – all three of my kids will be in school!

As much joy as it brings me (as a work-from-home mom who never catches a break during summer), it’s also a sad reminder that my kids are growing older and my time as the most important person in their life is fleeting.

Thankfully, there are some great reasons to love the back-to-school season, too – from getting back into a routine, to the smell of fresh pencils and the satisfaction of using a brand new box of crayons.

I look back fondly on my school years and the shopping that ensued before the first day. The biggest dilemma was choosing a color for my binder and selecting the perfect outfit for those first impressions. I remember how amazing I felt in my carefully chosen outfit for kindergarten: A blue dress with pink hearts coupled with crimped hair.

One-Stop Shopping At Meijer

With three kids to buy for, I love Meijer because it’s a one-stop shopping destination. I don’t need to hit up several stores or the mall – I am able to get everything I need under one roof, from snacks and clothing to shoes and school supplies.

I recently had the opportunity to shop with my kids and style them for fall. I love the cute clothes and fun supplies they chose!

Choosing a Shopping Theme

Picking a theme tends to help the choosing process with kids – whether it be athletic wear, sticking to a season, or even a color scheme.

My kids are all obsessed with the color blue, so we made it our mission to find items in that shade. It was like a fun scavenger hunt in the store, and it made shopping drama so much more bearable.

My oldest is entering first grade, so she knows what she needs – cute, yet comfortable clothing. She loves chasing friends on the playground, so solid shoes are a must.

With brands like L.A. Gear, Carter’s and Sketchers, I always know Meijer has something that will fit the bill.

As a person who could’ve lived in overalls during my youth, it was fun to see my childhood style come out in my daughter. She loves all the pockets for collecting rocks (which she is bound to come home with after recess).

She also loved the bold colors and cold shoulders in this outfit. I loved that the skirt has built-in shorts, which are crucial for playground play. A sturdy backpack is a must-have as well – to not only hold books and lunches, but also snowpants and boots when winter hits.

My middle gal is starting all-day Jr. Kindergarten and tends to be very particular about clothing. Feeling uncomfortable is a deal-breaker for her, so we tend to stick to cotton or silky fabrics.

She loved the scarf with this outfit, and who wouldn’t? Accessories shouldn’t just be for adults!

Additionally, we love the Falls Creek line at Meijer. The fun printed t-shirts and matching bottoms make getting dressed a cinch when the kids do it themselves – the items all coordinate, so it doesn’t matter what they choose!

My little guy will be entering preschool and is definitely the easiest one to dress right now. I’m a sucker for chambray, love how soft these shorts are, and how cute is the little whale on this graphic tee?

His shoes are made by Carter’s, and they are the perfect combo of dressy and practical due to the darker color. Also, I love that they wipe off easily! Crucial for little boy play.

Don’t forget the school supplies!

Of course it wouldn’t be back-to-school without supplies to coordinate, right? We love having the chance to grab a new backpack, lunchbox, water bottle and more. The kids were thrilled to choose their favorite prints and items for fall, and I was glad I could nab it all at Meijer.

With our new clothes ready to rock the first day of school, I’m feeling a little less blue as the big day approaches. I can’t wait to watch the kids grow and see what they learn this year!

Lauren is the fashionable mom behind Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood, a website dedicated to family fun in southeast Michigan. When she’s not chasing her three young children, she’s drinking coffee, working from home and seeking out her next adventure. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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