The Best Face Masks to Add to Your Skincare Routine this Season

Transitioning temps can take a toll on your skin, so it’s important to refresh your beauty products as the seasons change. Whether you’re adjusting your fall regimen or looking ahead to winter, face masks could be a great addition to your weekly skincare routine. While a single face mask won’t cure your woes instantly, investing in a few different options and creating a habit can make a difference. So if you’re looking to treat your skin to some TLC, here are four at-home face masks that may work wonders on your complexion.

The Tech:  ProX Microdermabrasion and Cleansing System by Olay

To achieve a brighter, more even skin tone, invest in the ProX Microdermabrasion and Cleansing System by Olay. This product gently exfoliates to get rid of dead skin cells, and maximizes the effects of your moisturizer post-cleanse. For years, dermatologists have said anti-aging begins with hydration, so this high-tech brush may help reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, too.

Simply attach the brush head to the handle and dampen it with water (don’t worry, this cleansing system is completely water-resistant!). Moisten your face, turn the brush on, and massage your skin for one minute – just make sure to avoid the area around your eyes. When you’re finished, rinse your face and the brush once more, then voila!

The best part about this innovative skincare product? It allows you to customize your routine with three different speeds: gentle cleansing, deep cleansing or microdermabrasion. The first two settings can be used every day, while the third should only be used twice a week.

The Clay Mask: L’Oreal Exfoliate & Refine Pure Clay Mask

To detox your skin after wearing makeup all week, try the L’Oreal Exfoliate & Refine Pure Clay Mask. This mask is comprised with three kinds of pure clay, and enhanced with its key ingredient: red algae extract. Red algae are proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, increase moisture and minimize your pores – leaving you with a visibly smooth, ultra-hydrated complexion.

To use this mask, first test a small spot on your hand or arm (this may help avoid irritation if your skin is sensitive to the ingredients). Clay masks often stimulate circulation and blood flow, so don’t be alarmed if there’s redness upon removal. When you’re ready, prep your face with your usual cleanser. Then, apply the mask, rest for 10-15 minutes and rinse. Relaxing with cucumber slices is encouraged!

The Sheet Mask: Yes to Coconut Hydrating Paper Mask

To keep your skin moisturized as the temperatures drop, have a Yes to Coconut Hydrating Paper Mask on hand. This mask provides intense moisture and makes skin ultra-smooth to the touch, thanks to its star ingredient: you guessed it, coconut! This fruit has the ability to repair your complexion over time and keeps your pores deeply hydrated on even the chilliest fall days.

As is true of all sheet masks, one of the best parts about Yes to Coconut is how easy it is to apply. Simply open the package and place the mask on clean skin, then use your fingers to adjust around your eyes, nose and mouth as needed. Either relax or go about your day for ten minutes, then gently remove the mask and throw it away – no rinsing required! Massage the remaining serum into your skin, then finish with your favorite moisturizer to lock in the ingredients.

The Mud Mask: Shea Moisture Hydrating Mud Mask

To calm your complexion after a long, hard week, add a Shea Moisture Hydrating Mud Mask to your skincare arsenal. Its ingredients include shea butter to hydrate and repair, cocoa butter to naturally soften and smooth, and frankincense and myrrh to calm, heal and refresh. If the autumn air or changing temps are causing skin inflammation, this mask could be the solution for you.

To use, wash your face with your usual cleanser, then apply. Leave the mask on for ten minutes, then remove with a damp cloth and pat dry. Your skin will be left feeling soothed and revitalized!

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