How to Style Your Favorite ‘90s Necklace

You probably remember chokers from your childhood – from a stretchy, faux tattoo to the classic black ribbon – but this season, the ‘90s trend is back and better than ever. This retro accessory is an edgy outfit staple, and we can’t get enough of all the different ways to wear it. For an updated spin on this throwback essential, here are three must-have ways to wear a choker this fall.


Stick to the classics

This simple style was popular for a reason! To achieve a chic, sophisticated look, opt for a classic black choker in velvet or faux leather. Style it with any of these essential fall shades to create the perfect balance between the accessory and your top. But be careful pairing a choker with this season’s high neckline trend – you don’t want it to turn into an unintentional turtleneck.


Layer your favorites

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: layering will always be a staple of fall trends. Mix necklace styles and textures to add variety to the look while keeping the overall color scheme the same throughout. Try a black ribbon choker with a metallic gold pendant, paired with a dainty gold chain and a black faux tattoo. It’s the perfect combination for a girly grunge ensemble!


Create contrast with colors and textures

To add even more dimension to your layered autumn look, vary color and metal choice when pairing these accessories together. Berry shades look great with your staple metallic jewelry, so grab a short chain to complement a colorful choker. If you’re looking to add yet another detail, slide a dainty pendant onto either necklace.

Need even more fall accessory inspiration? Check out 8 ways to wear an autumn blanket scarf.

8 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

When it comes to seasonal fashion, there are certain fall essentials that never go out of style – plaid tops, ankle booties, bomber jackets, and (perhaps our personal fave) the cozy blanket scarf. There are endless ways to style this versatile accessory, and the way you tie can affect your entire ensemble. So if you’re in need of some scarf style inspiration, here are 8 ways to wear this season’s comfiest closet staple.


1. The Wrap – For a simple, traditional look, loop your scarf around your neck until there are no loose ends. If it gets too bulky, tuck the ends into your jacket to hide them instead.

2. The Pull-Through – Bring the two ends of the scarf together, creating a loop on the opposite side. Place the scarf behind your neck and pull both ends through the loop, making it as tight (or as loose) as you’d like.

3. The Bandana – Lay the scarf flat on your table or floor; then fold it in half so it forms a triangle. Wrap the scarf around your neck from the front, backwards. Finish the look by bringing the ends around to the front, and tucking underneath the main triangle or into your jacket.


4. The Toss – For a cozy, carefree look, place the scarf behind your neck and toss one end over the opposite shoulder. Let the loop hang loose instead of pulling it tight.

5. The Shawl – Pull the scarf wide and wrap around your shoulders, tying the ends in front to hold in place. This poncho-esque look will keep you totally warm!

6. The Belt – Loosely drape the blanket scarf over your shoulders, cinching it at the waist with a wide elastic belt. This creates the illusion of a jacket or sweater, but is easy to take off or style differently if you choose.


7. The Classic – Starting from the front, toss the scarf back over either shoulder. Then, grab each end and pull around the opposite side, letting them hang loose.

8. The Twist – Just like the Classic, but with a trendy twist! Tie the ends together to form a loose knot, bringing a fun update to this traditional style.


If looping and twisting isn’t your thing, opt for printed ruana instead. This update to the classic blanket scarf has all the cozy and none of the tying woes. With easy toggles and a built-in hood, the ruana is a foolproof way to try the trend and rock some comfy plaid this fall.


How will you style this autumn accessory trend? Tell us your favorite way to tie in the comments!

The 5 Accessories You Need this Fall

While we all have our favorite go-to accessories, the cooler weather brings a whole new reason to reboot your wardrobe and style some fresh staples. Whether it’s a new crossbody purse or jewelry to complement your classics, here are the five top accessory trends to try this fall.


1. Tortoise shell glasses

Add glamour to your ensemble with this vintage-inspired accessory. The neutral, tortoise pattern pairs perfectly with fall colors – plus, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You’ll have no problem finding a pair made just for you!


2. Boho chic ruanas

This fall, stay warm in style with a printed ruana. This poncho-esque accessory is easy to throw on and off, and adds a chic touch to your go-to autumn outfit. If you incorporate other trends like fringe tassels and boho patterns, your ensemble will transform into a perfect ten.


3. Metallic gold everything

From stretchy stackables on your wrist to the chain on your purse, gold is the must-have metallic of the season. This shiny staple pairs well with fall colors like olive and burgundy, and even looks great next to your everyday silver jewelry!


4. Dainty layered jewelry

Stay true to the fundamental rule of fall by layering your necklaces like you do your clothes. To avoid a look that’s overpowering or clunky, opt for dainty designs like filigree and choose chains of varying lengths.


5. Trendy fringe tassels

Fringe is back and better than ever! For a must-have autumn look that’s instantly boho chic, pair this classic carefree detail with any staple in your closet.

With these must-have accessory trends, you’ll be fall-ready in no time!

Trend Alert: Metal Filigree Jewelry

As the season transitions from summer to fall, the go-to pieces in your closet transition alongside it. From booties and plaid to outerwear and denim, we know your autumn wardrobe is so ready for those first cool temps. But there’s one thing your fall closet still needs – accessories! With delicate metalwork and artistic styles, metal filigree jewelry is this season’s accessory trend to try. Here are 3 easy tips to help you do it in style:


1. Keep it simple

Filigree jewelry is unique on its own, so let the accessories speak for themselves. With intricate patterns that often resemble lace, this lightweight vintage style adds detail to any outfit.

2. Don’t be afraid to layer

Staying true to the cardinal rule of fall, don’t be afraid to layer filigree jewelry. To avoid overshadowing this delicate accessory, opt for other dainty pieces and choose chains of different lengths.

3. Express yourself

Speak to your own personal style by choosing pieces that feature your favorite fall details. Whether it’s fringe, leaves or a chandelier-style pendant, this versatile accessory provides something for everyone.

How will you rock metal filigree jewelry this fall? Let us know in the comments!

4 Must-Have Backpack Trends

As a child, choosing a backpack was the best part about back-to-school – and now that you’re off to college, the excitement doesn’t have to stop! Show off your personality with the perfect bag (even if you’re carrying tablets instead of textbooks). To give you some inspiration as you prepare to start the semester, here’s a quick look at our favorite school bag trends of the season:


Feminine Crochet

As seen trending throughout spring and summer, crochet continues to dominate this fall. Incorporate the fabric into your back-to-school wardrobe with this adorable book bag from Unionbay ($30). The crochet details add texture and dimension, while the floral pattern brings your free-spirit to life.

If you choose to rock this dainty detail on your back, check out how to accessorize crochet to complete your boho-inspired look.


Preppy Plaid

If classic schoolgirl is more your style, opt for this plaid backpack by Massini ($45). Plaid has long been our favorite print for fall, which makes it a no-brainer when it’s time for class this semester!


Versatile Neutral

For a trendy backpack you can wear with anything, opt for a simple style in a neutral shade. Try a soft faux leather bag with exposed zippers for extra drama.  This Massini backpack ($45) has multiple pockets and looks just like a hand bag, so you’ll appear much more casual when you’re walking around campus.

If you decide you want to add a little flair, feature enamel pins on the bag’s pockets. There’s no wrong way to make your backpack your own!


Boho Fringe

If you want something versatile that’s not quite as plain, choose a backpack with faux leather fringe. This boho-grunge Massini bag is just $45, and it’ll bring an edgy twist to any fall ensemble.

Now that you’ve seen our favorite backpacks for the school year, learn which essentials you should be carrying inside

Jewelry Trend: 5 Tips for Wearing Enamel Pins

You may remember enamel pins from your childhood – from a smiley face to a superhero, rocking this accessory was something to be proud of.  This fall, the trend is back with a sophisticated twist. First seen on runways, we are so ready to bring this look back to life. For a light-hearted spin on your grown-up style, here are 5 simple tips for wearing pins this season:

Denim Pins00151.crop

1. Experiment with placement

Whether you’re wearing a blazer, denim jacket or baseball cap, have some fun with placing your pins. Either group them all together on a jacket collar, or spread them out on each side of your ensemble. The best thing about this trend is that there’s no wrong way to rock it!

2. Mix-and-match

Mixing prints and patterns has been a trend all year, and the same rules (or lack thereof) apply to this accessory. Add variety to your look by choosing an array of adornments – no combo of pins is off-limits this fall.

3. Pay attention to color

It’s important to consider how your pins complement your look. When you’re wearing solids, choose colorful pins that can provide contrast. When you’re rocking prints, choose neutral metallics to avoid busyness.

4. The more, the merrier

If there’s one thing we know to be true about pins, it’s that you can never choose just one to wear. Luckily for us, these tiny accessories are super affordable – only about $5 to $10 for each!

5. Represent your personal style

Whether you’re passionate about art, pop culture, sports or music, make sure your pins reflect your personality. It may be a small accessory – but it can make a big statement.

This season, it’s all about being bold – and what better way to show your style than by wearing your heart (and emojis, and food, and animals…) on your sleeve?

Back to College: The One Detail Your Backpack Needs

We’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to showcase their favorite back to school looks. From style trends to décor tips, we love seeing how these fashionistas gear up for the year ahead.

Choosing the perfect bag for class is crucial and what you put in it is even more important, so this week we’re welcoming Meredith from The Other Coast to share with us what she’ll be carrying in her bag all semester.

Even though the birds are still singing and summer is still in the air, my mind is already on going back to school. I’ve left behind the days of themed backpacks and loads of school supplies, and opt for a much more low-key and lightweight alternative for my college student lifestyle. And more importantly, I’ve picked up the perfect bag and a few adorable essentials from Meijer that I’ll be carrying with me all semester!


If there’s one thing every backpack should have this year, it’s fringe. My bag is an edgy black long-fringe Massini backpack from Meijer with a large space inside for all my stuff and an awesome zipper pocket. I love this backpack because it adds so much style to any outfit. The backpack has a drawstring design top with a large flap that snaps closed on the front, and adjustable straps so that everyone can rock this pack!


The first thing I always need when I’m out and about on campus is a cosmetic bag to hold my favorite mascara and lipstick. The large inside pocket in this backpack is great for holding this adorable lime green Modella zipper bag, which keeps everything in one place! The mascara I’m currently living for is the Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ Push Up Drama. You can grab this and my favorite Revlon HD Matte Liquid Lipstick in the Meijer Beauty section. This lipstick is the easiest thing for everyday wear—its matte finish doesn’t smudge and bonus, it smells AMAZING!


I don’t think I can go a whole day without my sunglasses, that’s why I love having a safe place like the Modella cosmetic bag to keep them. These rounded frame Massini shades take any look to another level of edgy style just like my backpack.

Because I’m a busy college student, I’m almost always writing things down. Due dates, deadlines, meetings and class times—it practically never ends, but this super cute hot pink notebook will keep everything together and look great while doing it! I love this notebook because not only does it have a cute design, but its hardcover makes it perfect to tote it around all day in your bag.

I wouldn’t be honest about all the contents I’ll carry in my bag without mentioning my real addiction to fashion magazines. Whenever I have a free moment, I’ve got my nose in a glossy magazine. Just like any good style addict, I like to always keep my favorite mag with me just in case I ever hit a dull moment or need some instant inspiration. This Harpers Bazar is only one of the dozens of magazines I chose from at Meijer, I think if my bag were any bigger I would carry them all with me!

Cropped Copy

My school year wouldn’t be complete without any of these items and I can’t wait until I head back to school so I can show off my edgy new backpack and enjoy my sophomore year of college! Good luck finding everything you need to make this school year a great one!

Meredith is an Advertising/PR student living in Chicago and the fashionista behind The Other Coast, a blog full of fun style and beauty tips. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

3 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

As every girl knows, nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling your hair stick to your shoulders on a hot summer day. Rather than pulling your hair in a simple pony to avoid the humidity, elevate your up-do with a thin, lightweight scarf. Keep your hair away from your face (and give your look a few extra style points), try one of these three easy ways to add a scarf to your hair style.


1. Crochet Headband

Place the center of the scarf in the middle of your forehead, then wrap it down each side and knot below your hairline. For a boho-inspired twist, pull the tails of the scarf over one shoulder to let them rest on your front side.


2. Lacey Twist

To achieve a relaxed, romantic look, all you need is a thin lace scarf and a few bobby pins. Not only does this ‘do give your strands some extra body, you’ll have effortless waves ready for a second day style. For a step-by-step guide on how to create this simple updo, check out our tutorial for festival-ready hair.


3. Boho Crown

Give your braids an extra pop of color with a short scarf in a bright pattern. A perfect complement to your staple neutral pieces, a bold head wrap will bring your warm weather ensemble to a whole new level. Just wrap a scarf around your updo and tie at the nape of your neck, leaving a few framing pieces around your face.

Whether you’re looking to add some more color to your look or just trying to keep your hair off your shoulders, there’s never been a better time to try the trend.

3 Tassel Necklaces for Every Wardrobe

Tassels are having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. From brightly-colored fringe to modern metallic details, these boho-inspired styles are endlessly versatile. Whether your look is grown-up or laidback, here are three tasseled styles that will work for any wardrobe.


1. Artisan-inspired

Choose multi-colored beads and rustic, playful charms for a more traditional take on this free-spirited look.

Style tip: An off-the-shoulder peasant top is the perfect complement to a casual-cool accessory.


2. Mixed-media

Tassel necklaces that are made with two or more different materials present the perfect opportunity to play with texture, color and style. With an accessory so versatile, there is no wrong way to rock this trend.

Style tip: Adding a short chain to a long tassel is an easy way to make your boho-inspired look even more unique.



3. High-shine metallics

In silver, gold and bronze, metallic tassels are a modern update to your go-to necklaces.

Style tip: Pair geometric pendants with fringe-like adornments to give the boho-inspired accessory a grown-up edge.

For even more tassel accessory inspiration, click here.

Make a Statement with Pendant Necklaces

Dubbed by fashion experts as “this season’s statement necklace,” pendants are a must-have accessory this summer. Bold but simple, this trend allows you to make an impact in more ways than one.


Not only are pendants a stylish accessory, but they also provide an opportunity to celebrate a creature that embodies the boho spirit: the elephant. Revered throughout the world and admired by many cultures, elephants are loyal, kind-hearted beings. This animal’s gentle nature makes it a perfect pendant to complement a soft, romantic look.


Whether you’re representing your favorite animal or simply trying the trend, it’s never been easier to make a style statement with a pendant necklace.

The Easiest Way to Wear Boho: 4 Accessory Trends to Try

Whether you’re festival-bound or just want to look like you are, there’s no denying the bohemian trends are here to stay. From tassel details to global-inspired jewelry, it’s never been easier to get the vintage vibe that’s been all over the runway this season.

Start the summer with these four boho accessory trends that are sure to show off your carefree attitude.

Image 1-01

1. Natural Handbags

While the warmer months usually have us craving bright colors, this year we can’t get enough neutral bags accented with intricate details. Try a textured fashion backpack with a distressed, suede-like finish in rich camel or toffee, or anchor your look with a classic tan hobo. Tassels are everywhere this season, and your hand bag should be no exception. Look for woven details of all kinds like a braided hem or exposed stitching to complement your free-spirited style.

Image 2-01

2. Gold Everything

The sun isn’t the only thing that’s shining this time of year. The metal-of-the-moment is everything gold, from statement-making necklaces to high-shine aviators. Give your bauble necklaces a break and opt for layers of gold bangles and dainty chains to make a statement. Try a single-strand necklace that features a colorful pendant to accessorize your outfit, or dress up a casual weekend look with layers of dainty gold rings. With this trend, more is definitely more, so don’t be afraid to layer gold on gold (on gold) to really make your jewelry pop.

Image 3-01

3. Pattern Play

Boho patterns range from soft crochet to global-inspired prints, and this season it’s all about how you mix them. Pair soft, feminine details like tassel hems and crochet knit tops with raw, earthy accents. Balance a bold tribal print bag with a soft casual dress, or carry a crochet wallet with braided accents to add a vintage vibe to any look.

Image 4-01

4. Low Maintenance Hair

The boho spirit is all about being wild and free, and your hair should be no exception. Natural waves are a spring-time essential, and this year, it’s the accessories that will help tame our unruly locks. Crochet-hem hats are perfect for hiding second (or third) day roots, while lightweight scarves are pulling double duty as a stand-in hair piece. These feminine accents are the perfect balance to earthy browns and olives, and will instantly turn your look into festival-ready attire.

From soft crochet knits to earthy braids, it’s never been easier to add some boho-inspired elements to your wardrobe.

The Best Massini Bags for Spring

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Alexis from That Chic Lex to share her favorite spring handbags.

IMG_0437 (1)


Spring is the perfect season to add color to your wardrobe. If you’re new to color mixing, start with a neutral palette and build. Accessories are the easiest option when it comes to playing with color — handbags especially!



Pastels are huge this season, which is why I love this pastel pink Massini satchel! The size is perfect because it’s big enough to carry all my essentials and more. Plus, the crossbody function makes it even easier to wear. To make the pop of color the primary focus, I wore an all white ensemble. Simply pair white cropped skinny jeans with a flowy tank. And from there, add details — a gold watch and matching white flats will bring the look together. Try adding pastels into your makeup too, by wearing a soft pink lip and pair it with matching blush.

Massini has so many handbag options that can be dressed up or down. Pairing this classic pink purse dresses up the look, but don’t be afraid to transition this bag into a casual outfit by pairing it with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt.

Or, feel free to go bold! I’m obsessed with this Emma and Michele emerald green ruffle dress from Meijer. The color is amazing and can easily be transitioned throughout the seasons. This dress would be perfect for brunch with the girls or a date night.



I paired it with a cross body Massini purse. The nude color isn’t overpowering, but still makes a statement. The details of the bag are my favorite — I love the scallops and gold metal. I continued the gold trend throughout my look by pairing it with a matching watch. To finish off the look, add nude wedges or heels. Another thing I love is the convenient size of this purse. It’s easily accessible and ideal for travel. All you need is room for the essentials — and it does the job!



Don’t be afraid to experiment with color this season. And with brands like Massini, it’s never been easier. Whether you wear neutral or want something bold, Meijer’s got you covered.

Alexis is the fashionista behind That Chic Lex, a blog full of fun style and beauty tips. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

The Perfect Rainy-Day Accessories for Spring

red, orange, blue and purple striped umbrella

Winter is (finally!) on its way out and taking all your cold-weather accessories with it. Say goodbye to those poofy jackets and chunky boots, and hello to sleek and colorful rainy day style. With a fun stripe umbrella or polka dot rain boots, you might actually look forward to the next downpour.

colorful floral rain boots and bright floral umbrellas

Umbrella Flair

No need to fret over the forecast when you have a colorful umbrella to brighten your day. Cheerful pink, coral and red umbrellas are as cute as they are functional, helping protect you from raindrops while adding a fun pop of color to your outfit.

polka dot rain boots

Rain Boot Style

Make the transition from snow boot to rain boot a little easier by picking up a pair in a fun print or pattern. With bright florals and retro polka dots, you might find yourself wishing for a rain cloud. Just make sure to grab a mid-calf rain boot that’s sure to protect your pants from the inevitable puddle splash.

With all the accessories we could ever want, we can’t wait to test out our bold rainy-day gear. Rain, rain… OK, you can stay.

Stylish Shades for Every Destination

There’s nothing more fun than planning a vacation, but let’s admit it—a fresh getaway wardrobe just might take the top spot. So whether you’re headed somewhere fun this spring (or you just want to look like you are), these shades will have you looking the part, no matter your destination.

women's classic cat eye sunglasses in aqua blue leopard print

If your travels take you on a Roman holiday, channel your inner Hollywood starlet with an update to the classic cat eye. A pair of aqua blue shades that feature on-trend black leopard print and softer flares complement any style. Whether you’re tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain or enjoying gelato at a sidewalk cafe, this feline shape is sure to make Rome your fashion empire.

women's classic aviator sunglasses with clear plastic frames

Head down to Music City this summer and pick up a pair of old-school style shades with modern details. The classic aviator gets a country-fresh look with simple clear plastic frames instead of the traditional metal bar. Whether you’re rockin’ to country or jammin’ to jazz, these shades give you that cool cat confidence to sing along with your favorite musicians.

women's 70s-inspired oversized baby blue sunglasses

Give a nod to Mod during your London excursion with these ‘70s-inspired oversized baby blue specs. You’ll be tourist-chic as you explore Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, and the dark lenses and thick frames will have you turning heads like the royals.

women's neon ski sunglasses with reflective lenses

Escape to Colorado to hit the slopes and embrace this après ski trend—reflective lenses. Not only will they shield your eyes from the glare of fresh powder, but they’re a statement piece for girls and guys alike. Pair with a puffy ski jacket or vest to finish off your snow bunny look.

Wherever your travels (or Pinterest dream vacation board) take you, make sure your vacation attire is complete with the trendiest of sunglasses.

Lilly Style’s Spring Color Crush

This spring, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From makeup tutorials to style tips, we’re excited to see how these fashionistas take runway trends and make them all their own.

This week, we’re welcoming Lilly from Lilly Style to share her favorite color for spring—pink! As she showcases below, pink is the perfect color to welcome warmer weather and there’s a variety of ways you can incorporate it into your style this season.

Rose Quartz collage photo

It comes as no surprise that the Pantone color of 2016 is Rose Quartz.

For me personally, pastel colors equal spring. Since my #1 favorite color, gray, is not overly spring-like, I’ll share my second favorite color—pink. I haven’t met a shade of pink I didn’t like. I think I have managed to acquire every nail polish in all shades of pink. I find pink to be such a happy color and pale pinks to be very soothing.

Now, not everyone is a fan of pink and some shades are prettier than others. Even those who are not big fans of brighter pink colors might agree that blush/pale/rose pink are beautiful and a lot easier to work with.

Pink complements an array of colors. It’s so easy to incorporate not only into your wardrobe but also to your interior décor.  It looks great with white or heather gray. For a bigger contrast, pair it with charcoal gray or navy. Even black!

If you like pink but are not quite ready to incorporate into your wardrobe just yet, start small…like a soft pink scarf, nail polish or pink lipstick. You can’t really go wrong there.

During almost every trip to Meijer for groceries, I end up in the beauty section looking at nail polishes or lipsticks. In one of my recent trips to Meijer, I picked up this pretty soft pink nail polish by Essie in Muchi, Muchi (the navy color is in Midnight Cami).

Essie soft pink nail polish in Muchi, Muchi and Essie navy nail polish in Midnight Cami

Here are all the other ways I’m celebrating pink this season:


Fresh flowers are one of those things I have a hard time passing up while grocery shopping.  I love having fresh flowers in my home…they’re so cheerful and brighten everything up.

fresh pink flowers in pots


A travel pillow will be an essential for my upcoming trip in May.

pink travel pillow


I’m always drawn to light pink shades of lipsticks. 90% of my lipstick collection consists of pink and nude shades.

pink makeup essentials

Free Time

Dark chocolate M&M’s and ridiculously good ideas go hand in hand.

pink dark chocolate M&M's and ridiculously good ideas book


I fell in love with these New Balance sneakers in the Meijer shoe department. Not only are these perfect for working out, but I also love wearing sneakers with jeans and tees.

pink workout gear and new balance sneakers


These are the perfect flats to welcome warmer weather. This pale pink works with absolutely any color.

pale pink flats

And Just For Fun

Here’s how to keep dog toys neatly organized. Zoey approves 🙂

pink dog toy organizer

What is your favorite color for spring?

Lilly is the fashionista behind Lilly Style, a blog full of style tips and seasonal must haves. Follow Lilly on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.